This Friday... is the 13th!

Artix Krieger | Monday, April 9, 2018

Which of the two new warring cabins will you join?

This coming Friday is Friday the 13th! Which means... Camp Gonnagetcha will once again appear. Which of the two new warring camps will you join, the Wild Wolves or the Dread Spiders?

Dread Spiders vs Wild Wolves

Dread Spiders vs the Wild Wolves

The mascots for this Friday the 13th have been chosen directly from the monsters native to Camp Gonnagetcha. I will get you some .PNG files so you can begin making propaganda for your cabin.


A war between the two cabins will begin this Friday the 13th. Whichever cabin wins will have a special back flag released for all players to buy. As each side accomplishes major milestones in the war, new items will unlock in their shops. To ensure that this war is perfectly fair, we are placing the turn in spot for both of the camps together.

Declare your side in the comment area below!

P.S. We restarted the servers to fix the price of the Raven (reduced 400 DC) We also gave 400 DC to all players who previously bought it for maximum fairness.


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