Friday the 13th War!

Artix Krieger | Thursday, April 12, 2018

Special Friday the 13th Weekend Event in AdventureQuest 3D

Can you survive Camp Gonnagetcha? Our "B-movie" story is back and the war has just begun-- will you choose to join the Wild Wolves or the Dread Spiders? Unlock new items including the roasted marshmallow staff and mega huge sickle-machete-like thing in the header image! 


"Shrade is sorta like the Santa Claus of unlucky Fridays... except he carries a machete... and tries to kill you." - Said by a camper around the Campfire before sneaking off into the woods with another camper to get all kissy face, who for the record, was totally out of their league, but then neither of them were every heard from again. The origins of Shrade may be shrouded in mystery, but he keeps coming back... bigger, stronger, different, and with forbidden new loot. Think you can take him?

Dread Spiders vs WildWolves

WAR! Will you join the Dread Spiders or the Wild Wolves?

This Friday Camp Gonnagetcha re-appears... which of the two new warring cabins Wild Wolves and the Dread Spiders will you join?


New T-Shirts at HeroMart

New T-Shirts! (Friday 13th Perma Rare?)

Available for a limited time, get your Wild Wolves and Dread Spider T-Shirts from Like the previous cabin shirts, once they are gone-- they are gone forever. 


The Three Rules

Want to survive Camp Gonnagetcha? Remember "The 3 Rules"

  • No kissy-kissy face
  • Stay off the Moglinberry Juice
  • NEVER. EVER... NEVER EVER say, "I'll be right back."

New Items! ...Same cast of sociopath Camp Counselors.

Dottie is the High ArchCounselor. She seems... just a little bit too happy. Don't you think?

Camp Uniform Crafting

  • Doom Sickle
  • Green Campy Neckerchief
  • Slate Campy Neckerchief
  • Red Neckerchief
  • Campy Ranger Hat
  • Campy Counselor Hat
  • Hockey Stick (This is clearly a Hockey themed release)
  • Campy Boots
  • Campy Gloves
  • Campy Shoulders
  • Campy Belt
  • Campy Mage (Armor)

Shrade Crafting (NEW SET!)
There is a new rare spawn, Pit Shrade... and you can craft new items

  • Pit Shrade's Eviscerator
  • Pit Shrade's Full Mask
  • Pit Shrade's Skin
  • Pit Shrade's Mask
  • Pit Shrade's Hood

Souvenir Shop (DC Items)

  • Serious Head Inury
  • Camp Torch
  • Shrade's Masked Head
  • The Eviscerator
  • Toasty Marshmallow (Mmmm! Delicious)

Special War Item Crafting
Some items unlock as each side reaches a certain % in the war. You can find these items on the two camp counselors, Zip and Ace.

  • Crimson Grackoon Cap (Dread Spiders 25%)
  • Shrade's Reveresed Dagger (Dread Spiders 25%)
  • Campy Rogue (Dread Spiders 50%)
  • Shadow Grackoon Cap (Wild Wolves 25%)
  • Gonnagetcha Great Cleaver (Wild Wolves 25%)
  • Campy Warrior (Wild Wolves 50%)
  • Camper Flag - Dread Spider (Only unlocks if Dread Spiders win 100%)
  • Camper Flag - Wild Wolves (Only unlocks if Wild Wolves win 100%)

Good luck Video from Vesper

Following your overwhelming response from the "Is Vesper forced to make videos" video... she has officially been promoted to spokes-gamer-girl for Artix Entertainment. (Thank you!) She posted a video wishing both teams good luck in this weekend's event.

Camp Photo

Battle on!

Thank you for being a part of AdventureQuest 3D as it grows. Next week we will enter the Dream Plane in the Tree of Life's climatic conclusion. Until then, have a fun time at camp... and watch out for Shrade! "Cht... Cht... Cht... Cht... Hck... Hck...Hck...Hck..."


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