Friday the 13th Special Event!

Artix Krieger | Friday, September 13, 2019

Friday the 13th War and Survival Horror Dungeon

Attention campers! The war between the Pirate & Ninja camps has just started. Winner takes the flag! Also... will you survive our 1st ever survival horror dungeon?

Camp Gonnagetcha new armors

Survival Horror Dungeon

Did you see it? Yeah, that thing in the lake at Camp Gonnagetcha. Some sort of giant metal thing. She said there's a way inside. We're going to go. Yeah, We're going inside. (Watch the Trailer)

Survival Horror Dungeon Trailer

It's Friday the 13th. What could possibly go wrong? (Watch the Trailer)

Shrade X

Our 1st survival horror dungeon is designed for 5 (VERY BRAVE) players. We're not going to tell you the rules or how to solve it. You're gonna have to figure that out on your *gulps* own.

Friday the 13th War!

Will you fight for the Ninja cabin or the Pirate cabin? (This is an important life choice.)

When you go to Camp Gonnagetcha, there will be a war meter at the top of the screen. Pick a team. Then battle monsters and complete quests to fill your team's water meter up first! Also, as your war meter fills up, new rewards will be unlocked. The first team to hit 100% wins. The winning team will earn honor, glory, and all player's will be able to pick up a rare back flag with their logo.


Camp War T-shirts

Camp Shirts available at

Taking this too far? (Yeah, us too) Get your Camp Gonnagetcha shirts at . Like the war, these will only be available for a limited time.


Happy Camper - Shrade X Style

Happy Friday the 13th Campers!

Score some new loot in this special event, including new camper gear and... O_O *gulps* The cybernetically-creepy Shrade X sets which are craftable from ingredients found in the Survival Horror Dungeon. See that "heart piece" in the armor picture above? It equips to the back/cape slot. So you can equip that drop with anything your "heart" desires. 

P.S.  Most everything in this release is a drop or craftable. But there are now also some mini-Shrade pets available for DragonCrystals from High ArchCounselor Dottie.


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