Friday the 13th! Shrade-O the Clown

Artix Krieger | Thursday, November 12, 2020

"Shrade's not clowning around this Friday the 13th!"

A new Shrade has appeared every Friday the 13th... but this one is the most terrifying of all! Do you dare step foot in Camp Gonnagetcha this weekend knowing he is on the loose? (He is dropping his entire set though...)

Shrade-O the Clown

Shrade-O the Clown

Shrade-O is just as deadly as his previous incarnations at Camp Gonnagetcha. He has a more powerful alter ego too, named Shrade-O Extreme-O. Both of these clowns have a chance to drop items for their armor sets, but Extreme-O can also drop a Clown Face Kite pet and a Clown Stripe Kite Pet. If you aren't too scared, go find Dottie on the Battleon Bridge and she'll help you find your way to camp. I can't guarantee that you'll make it back out...

Killer Clowns

The secret story behind Shrade-O

This is a real childhood story of one of our developers. It is about Yergen. He is the lead of the content team here at AdventureQuest 3D. When he was a little boy, there was a clown that would come to his school. The clown was named Bake-O. And yes, oh yes, Bake-O peddled bacon. For real. Everytime he said the phrase "Bacon Bits" he would honk a horn for a Pavlovian response. He performed magic tricks and told jokes. He would stop in the middle of his performance and say, "Do you know what I really like? ...Bacon bits!" At the end of his show at the school he would give every child a little vial of Bacon Bits. We are not sure what psychological effects Bake-O the Clown had on Yergen... but if you catch a wiff a little bacon scent coming from Shrade-O, then... well, you are now one of the few people with the insider story.

See you at camp...


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