Frostfang: With a Vengeance

Rellik | Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Frostfang has come to town!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! The holiday cheer is spreading throughout Battleon as Frostval approaches. Log in and check out all the new festivies! Battle Frostfang in the Social District, check out new Holiday crafts, visit the Giving Shrub, and more!

Frostfang in the Social District

From fire to ice... Battle Frostfang, the frost drake in a bad mood, to save the Social District from being frozen over! It's just barely recovered from the flames of Blaze's birthday bonfire.

Frostfang has a chance to drop the items from 2 seasonal cosmetic sets, plus some other festively fun items so challenge him now!

  • Sinister Santa Armor set
  • Dark Kringle Armor set

New Holiday Prizes

Talk to Rose in the Social District to check out all the new Holiday prizes you can craft. Rose is always happy to reward those who save Frostval from Frostfang!

  • Gloa, the Glowing One (Sword)
  • Lik, the Icy Death (Knuckles)
  • Veizla, the Feast of Frostvale (Daggers)
  • Varnaor, Herald of Ice (Staff)
  • Hermaðr, the Warrior of Winter (Sword) 

The Giving Shrub returns!

Yulgar’s Inn looked like such a warm and lovely place for The Giving Shrub to set it’s roots down and hand out goodies to all the good people of Battleon!

The name’s Bons… Bons-Eye.

"I see you found my undercover stakeout location here in the tavern… Since you show such a talent for finding things that don’t want to be found, maybe you could find my “License to Kale”? I’ve a feeling that dastardly Harbusher may have found it, so perhaps you could check there? You’ll be rewarded handsomely of course…"

  • Wreath of Khan Pet
  • Wreath of Khan Travel Form

Last Chance at TLAPD and Dage Collection Chests!

You read that right! Get your piratical collection chest, or display your allegiance to the Legion with Dage’s collection while you still can. These will only be available for one more week!

Thank You & Coming Next

The team is working hard to make these releases as awesome as possible so we end the year with a bang! In these final weeks of December, we have the Frostval Collection, the return of Gift'thulu with new items, new Battle Arenas PvP map, and the New Year's gift weapon. Also, look forward to an extra surprise or two...

Battle on!
Artix, Glisel, Rellik, and the AQ3D Team

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