Frostlorn Raiders

Artix Krieger | Friday, December 22, 2017


Frostlorn Raiders invade town!

Who do these Frostlorn Raiders think they are?! Just as the worst snowstorm we have ever seen hits our home town of Battleon, they waltz in with their weapons drawn. We thought they needed help.  As our friends rushed out to assist them... they were struck down in cold blood, then they unleashed their army of frost monsters. Even as you read this, these icy abominations are attacking our shops and people. Defender Roland has declared an emergency and re-formed the Battleon Militia-- we need your help. Come quickly!

Frostval returns with seasonal loot drops and crafting!

"There is something for everyone in the Frostval event"

They will only be here for a short time. Login and battle to get your festive “O’Tannenbush” travel form, ugly sweater capes, Yettun horns, Frostlorn items, Frost Defender Armor, Elf Armors, Santa Armor (cannot believe Dage & Yergen got this finished in time), wrapped weapons, festive scarves, and other items. Oh, and Guardians... the Raiders are dropping a Rudolf the Reindragon travel form just for you.

Frost Labyrinth

The Frost Labyrinth

The Yettun has returned and the Frost Labyrinth is open! Battle through the Frost Labyrinth to defeat the Yettun and restore the Frost Moglins to the land they lost so long ago. Talk to Blizzy, the light blue moglin near the Travel Crystal in Battleon, to being your adventure.

Frostval 2017 Collection

The 2017 Frostval Collection

The first ever Frostval Collection is now available! Talk to the little blue moglin Blizzy in Battleon to get the new items individually, or get the ENTIRE 2017 Frostval Collection (save about 45%)!

What is included in the Collection?

The collection includes a rare badge, permanent, free access to the items year round (freeing up your inventory space) including both snowman travel forms, and that warm and fuzzy feeling from knowing that you are directly supporting AdventureQuest 3D’s ongoing development.

New Yulgar's Inn

New Yulgar’s Inn

Town is not the only place getting into the holiday spirit. Yulgar & Melodia just finished decorating the new and improved Inn.

“There is so much stuff to do, but all I want to do is hang out in this cozy inn!” - a player

Come in from the cold, have a seat and warm up! Seriously, you can sit in the chairs now and the Inn’s new music is beautiful.

Vesper in a Zorbak Ugly Sweater T-Shirt


Here is Vesper modeling the Zobak Ugly Sweater T-Shirt from . You should check out what else they have there now, including our 2018 Calendar if you have not already gotten yours. Also, just because a lot you have already commented on it, but not everyone follows my Twitter or Facebook-- if you were studying this photo closely, um, yes, we decorated the lab’s tree with an Alien facehugger.

Next Week… Frostlorn Boss Raid!

The Frostlorn Raiders have three leaders…. Faustbite, Phrozen, and Sleet. Think you and your friends can take them on in a group vs group fight? We are going to find out. Next week, to bring in the new year, we are releasing a special 10-player raid map where you will battle them! You will also get the chance to craft the Frostlorn Mage and Rogue armor sets!

Thank You for 15 Years of Adventure

We hope you are enjoying this wintery, frostval release. While the team was finishing it up, I made you a special 15th anniversary cape. It will be available for you in game next week. It symbolizes, without question, our community and team’s most significant achievement together. Pouring your life and soul into something for 15 years is a really big deal. What is important about this is not the number, but the dedication, passion, and loyalty that it represents. When you consider that the original AdventureQuest has been updated every single week for over 15 years-- it makes you stop and think “how can someone love these games that much?” Of course, YOU know. Because, if you are reading this, you do too.

From all of us here at the Artix Entertainment “Secret Underground Lab”, we wish you, your family and your friends all the happiness, joy, warmth and fun to be had in this holiday season.

Happy Frostval & Battle on!
Artix & The Merry AdventureQuest 3D Team

P.S. Yulgar says he will put the paintings back up when the holiday decorations come down after Frostval
P.P.S. The monsters ate all the Drickens in town! O_O We will get more after you repel the invaders (Hit the max cap of objects per area)
P.P.P.S. We are releasing a patch to fix the issues in the latest version of the game client (Thank you for letting us know!)
P.P.P.P.S. Please post me your best screenshots on my Twitter! @ArtixKrieger (Especially group shots of people in Snowman, Reigndragon, and Festive Bush travel forms)


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