Artix Krieger | Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Quick... someone call Winter and tell them the news. "Winter... we're coming!"

Last year, a snow storm struck our town. Frostlorn Raiders from the Frozen north invaded our town. They rode in under the cloak of a mighty blizzard. They have never come so far south before.... and, being the wise people we are, it is safe to expect them to strike again this year.

However... this time, we are going on the offensive!

Far to the north there is a frozen castle made of stone and ice.... start packing your warm clothes, weapons, and spells.


Dage's Concept Painting

Dage LOVES creating concept paintings like the amazing one above of our newest raid boss monster. Normally he is too busy creating the items for the most recent release-- but after our team meeting yesterday... no one could stop him XD More paintings Dage! MORE MORE MORE



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