Frostlorn BOSS FIGHT!

Cysero | Thursday, December 28, 2017

Just released! 10 Player Challenge Boss Fight

Every winter, the Frostlorn Raiders ride south. Using the winter storms as cover, they fall on village after village, taking anything that they can use and slaying anyone who stands up to them. 

This year, they set their sights on Battleon. They thought it was just another soft, southern town ripe for the raiding... they did not expect to meet a town full of heroes and Guardians who refused to stand aside. 

After a week of attacking Battleon... the time has come to turn the tables and attack back. In a snowy clearing near the Frost Labyrinth, Faustbite, Phrozen and Sleet await you. 

Frostlorn Boss Fight

Battle the Frostlorn Raider's three leaders for awesome gear!

Blizzy, the little blue Frost Moglin, will take you directly to the challenge fight map, either from Battleon or from his Frost Labyrinth. You will also find two new Frostlorn crafting shops on him in both locations. 

NOTE: This Challenge Fight is for level 15+. If you're not level 15 or higher, you have some leveling up to do! 

Craftable Items: Rogue Boss Craft

  • Frostlorn Rogue Armor
  • Frostlorn Rogue Shoulders
  • Frostlorn Rogue Hood
  • Frostlorn Rogue Hooded Mask
  • Frostlorn Rogue Cape
  • Frostlorn Rogue Gloves

Craftable Items: Mage Boss Craft

  • Frostlorn Mage Robes
  • Frostlorn Mage Shoulders
  • Frostlorn Mage Hood
  • Frostlorn Mage Back
  • Frostlorn Mage Gloves

You will also find that these challenge Frostlorn Raiders drop a number of new items including crafting materials as well as various boots, belts and a helm. 

Of course, you can still find the Frostlorn Warrior gear in the Frostval Shop and the 2017 Frostval Collection along with other holiday goodies. 



Frosrlorn Warrior -
Faustbite is the leader of this Frostlorn raiding party. He is a no-nonsense warrior who know the job and knows that he does it very well. The Frostlorn Raiders have all been doing this for a long time but when a decision needs to be made, Faustbite is the one to make it and nobody questions it. His word is law. 



Frostlorn Mage -
Phrozen is the Frostlorn Mage traveling with this raiding party. She is practical to the point of heartlessness. She has no fear and no pity for her victims. The Raiders always follow where the storms of Father Winter lead them, but the Frostlorn Magi are trained in ice magic and sometimes call upon the storms to give them the edge. 



Frostlorn Rogue -
The Frostlorn Rogues often act as scouts, running just ahead of the storm, learning what they can about the defenses of their next target. Sleet might enjoy his work a little too much. In battle, he goes out of his way just to make every hit hurt a bit more. If a pile of frozen bodies was all that was left of each town he visited, that would be just fine with him. Some people just want to watch the world freeze. 

15th Anniversary Cape

Get the 15th Anniversary Cape from Artix in Town

This year we celebrate one of our greatest achievements yet. To celebrate, Artix is waiting for you by the tree in the center of town. Talk to him to get the perma-rare 15th Anniversary Cape (That's right, perma-rare. We only celebrate our 15th birthday once). 

Also in this release!

We hope you enjoy this boss fight challenge addition to the ongoing Frostval fun. Our next stop is going to be the fiery volcano at the center of Ashfall.

The Dragons of Ashfall: Part III is going to be our next major release. In preparation, the Legendary Kickstarter backers are getting their preview of the Dragonslayer class on live now-- so we should be able to launch DragonSlayer along with Ashfall III for all players to buy.

After a period of time where the class will be purchase only, we will release the class to be earned through gameplay. If you don't want to buy it, you can just wait and earn it for free! Be sure to check out our other posts on the homepage this week, including the Year in Review post which will be dropping Friday.

We hope you are all having a great Frostval!  


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