Frostval Is Here!

Cysero | Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Frostval winter holiday in AdventureQuest 3D


A snow storm has hit our home town of Battleon which means... Frostval is finally here. During this most wonderful time of the year friends and family to gather for warmth around the fire, share gifts of love and quietly hope for a peaceful, prosperous and above all a happy new year! Also... undead ice monsters, the Yettun and Dragons.  It's my FAVORITE time of the year. 


Blizzy is a frost moglin. He is small, blue, and you will find him sitting on the fountain in town. He needs your help. Talk to him about a beast called... The Yettun who dwells within the Frost Labyrinth. Within you will find more quests and crafting for all new seasonal gear.  You can access the new event from Blizzy or the Teleporter crystal in town.


We never dreamed AdventureQuest 3D's town of Battleon would be covered in snow this year. It is the long standing tradition in our video games to get immersed into the spirit of the season. This is a limited time event, much like our previous event, Mogloween. It will last until the end of December, and likely through some of January. It features a short Frostvale tale, our first ice dungeon, and new craftable seasonal rares (including the Yettun horns below). If you are running out of inventory space, do not worry-- our new bank system is in testing now

Oooh and Xero (3D guy) gets some serious bonus points for adding an animated frosty breath effect to the The Yettun Horns!

AQ3D Yettun Horns

New Content

  • NO Dungeon Key requirements! "Happy Frostval :D"
  • 2 Difficulty Modes (Normal, Epic level locked to 13+)
  • 5 Quests (before you can being crafting)
  • 2 Dialogue Cutscenes
  • Craftable Armor Set (Armor, Boots, Gloves, Belt, Hat) level 5
  • Craftable Weapon in Battleon (Does not require quests to be completed) Level 5
  • 4 Craftable Weapons for Normal Dungeon (two level 10, two level 13)
  • 2 Craftable Items for Epic Dungeon (helm level 13, weapon level 13, higher stats than Normal weapons)
  • Our first Scaling Dungeon (Normal difficulty only)

Craftable item sets for Frostvale

New Features

  • Scaling Dungons
    The ultimate solution for season and special side adventures! While areas of the main game are designed for players of specific levels, we can now also make special dungeons that automatically scale you to the right level when you enter them-- allowing everyone to play together.
  • Item Compare
    You can now tell if an item stats are better or worse than your equipped item.
  • Questing System Improvements (Almost!)
    The questing system is now easier to use, but we have been reading your feedback on the fonts and some of the weird edge-case display issues and have already made changes for our next patch.

PLEASE NOTE! ALL of the items are returning Season Rares. (None of the items will be permanently rare.)


This is brand new functionality that is ready for public testing just in time for the holidays. Scaling Dungeons will temporarily raise or lower your level while you are inside the dungeon to fit that dungeon, making it a reasonable challenge for all players of all levels. Don't worry, you will gain XP and gold appropriate for your REAL level while you are in the dungeon. 

For Seasonal Events and Special Side Content Only
We will mostly use scaling dungeons during special events like Frostval to make sure that everyone of every level can participate in the same event without being left out. The rest of the game will be scaled as normal. 

It evens the field. Scaling stops a higher level player from running through a lower level dungeon taking all the XP and drops or making it too easy. It also stops lower levels from leeching a higher level dungeon without having to level lock them out of the content and miss out. Scaling also means that if you're a high level and you have a friend who has just started, you can both play together and both benefit! It's a huge step for AQ3D.

Here's how it will work for Frostval:

  • The Normal difficulty of the Frost Labyrinth will temporarily scale you to level 5.
  • If you are lower than level 5 you will get a temporary bump up to level 5 while you are in the dungeon.
  • If you are higher than level 5 (let's say you're level 15), your level will be temporarily reduced to 5 while you are in the dungeon, BUT because of the way that stats affect you differently as levels increase, you will be fighting like an level 5 with EPIC level gear.
  • Once you complete and exit the dungeon, you will return to your normal level (plus whatever XP you earned in the dungeon). Easy peasy.


AQ3D Frostval Card


Bank Coming Soon
The BANK is close to ready, but not close enough. Zhoom and the Code Team say that we can expect it early next year but it isn't ready for Frostval. 

Cosmetic/Costume Slots coming soon
Cosmetic Slots/Costume Slots are still in development. This system is one of our top priorities but it's not as far along as the Bank system is. You can expect to begin testing this system live in game in the first quarter of next year. 

Dragons of Ashfall Saga
The Dragons of Ashfall (part 1 of 3) is in development right now and as soon as Frostval is up and stable, the Content Team will be diving right back into building this blazing, dragon filled area. Inside you will meet Galanoth and the Dragonslayers and you can expect the next level cap raise during part 2 of the Dragons of Ashfall Saga!


This has always been confusing. Frostval is the holiday, Frostvale is the place. It's funny that this has come up so many times in the last few days because I actually wrote it into the story for this year. Life imitating art.

Below is a picture of Frostvale from the original AdventureQuest (2002)

AQ3D Frostvale AQ Classic

Below is a picture of Frostvale from the AdventureQuest Worlds (2009)

Some people who have been playing our games for YEARS are still fuzzy on why sometimes we say Frostval and sometimes we say Frostvale and I can't blame you. 10 years ago at this time I was writing DragonFable's first Frostval release and I wasn't very clear on it myself so I had to ask. Why were they named so close to each other? I dunno. Ask Galanoth. I heard it's his fault.

  • FROSTVAL (FROST-vahl) is the name of the holiday, like Mogloween. 
  • FROSTVALE (FROST-vayle) is the village in the frozen northlands where the Frost Moglins all live. It's the name of their town like Battleon.


Exactly one year ago today, AdventureQuest 3D's Kickstarter hit 100%

Maybe it's fate that this release had to come a day late because exactly one year ago today, the AQ3D team and I were all celebrating the moment that AQ3D's Kickstarter had just hit 100%. That exact same day we were approved by Steam Greenlight and Artix found out his wife was having a baby. That is not just a great day, it is a trifecta! We are so grateful to you all for being a part of this and allowing us to create and continue building this amazing cross-platform video game.

AQ3D Frostval Robina

Happy Frostval

From the bottom of my heart, and from the rest of the team, thank you. Have a very merry Frostval!

P.S. Do not get eaten by the Yettun.

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