The return of Frostval Past!

Rellik | Wednesday, December 1, 2021

It's that time of year again. It's Frostval!

Frostval is that special time of year when heroes and moglins gather 'round the Frostval tree... and fight Yettun in their caves!

The joy and relief of heroes protecting Frost Moglins from being eaten by Yettuns is the true meaning of Frostval. Not to be confused with Frostvale, which is the wintery land that is also plagued by snow and ice creatures of all types, and Frostlorn and friends in the castle.

Battleon is being decorated for the holidays!

The festive mood is overtaking Battleon. The citizens of Battleon have equipped their winter best as the weather turns to frost and snow begins to pile up near the travel portal. Yulgar and his regulars at the inn are excited to celebrate Frostval, so they’ve decorated the area and started wearing their most thematic Frostval outfits!

Seasonal Frostval areas are now open

Find Blizzy the Frostval Moglin at the Travel Portal and you'll find...

  • Frostval Labyrinth - Quick travel to the Frostval Holiday map, complete with story, dungeons, and special crafts.
  • Frostlorn Raiders - Quick travel to the front of this seasonal dungeon in Frostvale.
  • Battleon Frost Siege available in Battleon’s Social District.
  • Previous collections are back! You can purchase the items from these collections individually.


  • Seasonal items are back in your daily treasure chests!
  • You can play through the storyline of Frostval too!

New to the Frostval Labyrinth? Here’s what to look for:

Talk to Blizzy

  • Crafts - Frosty Reagents (purchase extra crafting materials)
    - Frostval Outfits (cosmetic armors)
    - Yettun Crafts (cosmetic weapons)
  • Frostlorn Raiders Dungeon (Level 18+)
    - Frostlorn Rogue Crafts (cosmetic armors)
    - Frostlorn Mage Crafts (cosmetic armors)

Dungeon Portals

  • Left Portal: Level 5+
    - Frost Labyrinth
    - Yettun Cave
  • Right Portal: Level 15+
    - Epic Yettun Cave

December’s promotional pet and travel form!

Say hello to Bing, the Frostval Vampragon! He likes to wander around singing Frostval carols to passersby, and has been complimented on his singing voice many times! You can obtain your Bing the Vampragon pet and travel form by making a purchase from our upgrade shop this month! Plus, you will still get an additional 50% bonus DragonCrystals with your package this month. Save those for the 2021 Frostval Collection coming soon!

Things leaving AQ3D, for now...

Now that Summer is long past, Dottie has returned to Camp Gonnagetcha to make repairs after all the fun and games! Hooper and his Grenwog shops and drops are taking a little break to make room for other things!

Feast your eyes on this!

The Battle Arena is also getting a festive makeover for Frostval. Illuminated trees surrounded by gifts, wreaths adorning the borders, and fluffy white snow flurries. These are a few of the festive aesthetic changes made to the Battle Arena map.

This weekend, join the PTR to enter a new PvP map: Battle Feast. This Map takes place in a Grand Feast Hall. Delicious foods with various effects are present and the bounty zones are locked until notified. Gather food to obtain the advantage and claim the feast for your whole team!

Cyber week!

We don’t just do Cyber Monday around here (as if you didn’t know that), so Cyber Week sets are still available! Get your futuristic cyberrific cosmetics while you still can!

ElectroMage Horns

In a “shocking” move, our Community Manager, Rellik, managed to snag a very special pair of horns from the ElectroMage set, and wandered off mumbling something about “community freebies”. We weren’t quite sure what he was on about, but you convinced him to give them to everyone for free! Find Artix in Yulgar's Inn and open up his Special Gifts shop to complete your ElectroMage set with the free ElectroMage Horns. Follow Rellik on Twitter to help unlock other future rewards!

See you in Frostval.

Battle on!
Artix, Glisel, Rellik, and the AQ3D Team

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