It’s the Season of Frostval!

Glisel | Wednesday, December 6, 2023

The season of Frostval has begun!

Snow is falling in Battleon and Blizzy is back to remind you of the story of Frostval. You can also now join the Frost Summoner’s Siege, fight Frostfang in the Social District, and more! And don’t forget to check out the Upgrade Shop for this month’s new promo item, or go to to participate in the Creative Cookie Contest!

Let the Frostval fun begin!


Blizzy Returns

Frostval is a wonderful time of year when we celebrate how the Hero helped the Frost Moglins escape from the Yettun into the snowy lands of Frostvale. (Frostvale is the land, Frostval is the winter holiday) You are that Hero! So, if you haven't yet experienced this story, meet Blizzy at the Travel Portal in Battleon and go to "Frostval Labyrinth" to get started.

If you are level 18 or over, you can also visit the town of Frostvale where a bigger adventure (and dungeons, crafts, and monsters) awaits!


Visit Winter’s Grasp

Mayor Kayne is busy getting ready for a big celebration in his town of Winter’s Grasp. Everyone is welcome. Care to lend a hand and help him find out what is behind the mysterious beast sightings recently? These sightings have also drawn the attention of Hale, a renowned monster hunter. Maybe you can team up to track down the monster of Mount Scrunch.

Talk to Blizzy to travel to Winter’s Grasp.

Frost Summoner’s Siege

A horde of Frost Monsters can be seen in the distance riding toward the side gates of Battleon in waves. The Frostlorn Raiders have tried taking Battleon before and you fought them back. You then went to their stronghold near Frostvale in the Frozen Northlands and fought against the Frostlorn himself. Now, Shiveroth the Frostlorn Summoner has ordered a siege on Battleon in retaliation.

Talk to Roland behind Frostfang in the Social District to join forces with your fellow heroes to defeat the waves of enemies in this siege outside the gates of Battleon. This map is intended for players of all levels to fight side by side.


Past Frostval Collections

Blizzy holds the shop for all the previous (and current - soon!) Frostval collections. You can buy all items from the previous collections individually, from pets to gear! Now is the time get those seasonal items you missed out on!


'Tis the Season for PvP

The Battle Arena is also getting a festive makeover for Frostval. Illuminated trees surrounded by gifts, wreaths adorning the borders, and fluffy white snow flurries make PvP festive and fun this season! Make sure to visit Firebrand's 'Special PvP Rewards' shop to trade in your Marks of Glory for Frostval themed PvP gear.


Frostfang in the Social District

Battle Frostfang, the frost drake in a bad mood, to save the Social District from being frozen over! Frostfang has a chance to drop the items from 2 seasonal cosmetic sets, plus some other festively fun items, so challenge him now!


Creative Cookie Contest

Calling all sweet-tooths and cooking-crusaders: are you ready to embark on an edible adventure that combines the magic of AQ3D with the joy of Frostval? It's time to dust the flour off your apron, gather your ingredients, and unleash your culinary creativity in our Creative Cookie Contest!

Click here to find out how to enter


Last Chance!

Mogloween Collection, seasonal shops, and activities have left AQ3D to make way for Frostval!

  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday seasonal shops and activities will leave AQ3D around December 20th, 2023.
  • Thyton leaves Battleon around the end of December, 2023.


Thank you and… Next!

More Frostval is on the way with a new Frostvale adventure and the 2023 Frostval Collection!

See you in game and…
Battle On!

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