Happy Frostval 2020!

Glisel | Wednesday, December 9, 2020

It's that time of year again. It's Frostval!

Happy Frostval! New emotes, speech bubbles, players gift spawning bushes with loot, and the return of Blizzy the Frostmoglin and our seasonal areas... let the wintery madness begin. 

What is Frostval?

Frostval is that special time of year when heroes and moglins gather 'round the Frostval tree... and fight Yettun in their caves!

The joy and relief of heroes protecting Frost Moglins from being eaten by Yettuns is the true meaning of Frostval. Not to be confused with Frostvale, which is the wintery land that is also plagued by snow and ice creatures of all types, and Frostlorn and friends in the castle.

New Emotes

Everyone is saying their favorite is /sus ... you can also access these all on your emotes menu.

  • /sus
  • /lol
  • /honor
  • /nod
  • /cheer

Speech Bubbles!

Yes! Yes! Yes! I have wanted this feature forever. By default, you will now see speech bubbles above players heads then whey talk.  (And yes, you can turn this off in the options. Very thoughtful of the devs to always allow us to immediately turn off their new features XD)


New App Icon and Login scree.... wait, what happened?

Ok, when I log in I still see the spooky character select screen. Looks like Mogloween is not going down without a fight. *Grabs weapon*. Give us a bit...

Seasonal Frostval areas are now open!

Find Blizzy the Frostval Moglin at the Travel Portal and you'll find...

  • Frostval Labyrinth - Quick travel to the Frostval Holiday map, complete with story, dungeons, and special crafts.
  • Frostlorn Raiders -  Quick travel to the front of this seasonal dungeon in Frostvale.
  • Previous collections are back! You can purchase the items from these collections individually.


  • Seasonal items are back in your daily treasure chests!
  • You can head to the storyline of Frostval too!

Coming Next

Korin is putting the finishing touches on the next Darkovia cutscenes as the team merges all of the Darkovia quests onto one, single, easy to follow quest chain. We will be releasing all of Darkovia part IV along with the new daily test system and Max Level "Cap Stones" so that the experience you earn will be used to the fullest!

  • Darkovia IV: The Werewolf Coliseum
  • Daily Task system and Max Level "Cap Stones"
  • Frostval 2020 Collection and Badge (with purchase of the Collection Chest)

2020 Cookie Contest

Just got word that the creators of the game Cookie Clicker (Ortiel and Opti) will be judging this year's Artix Entertainment 2020 Cookie contest.

Check it out.

2021 Artix Entertainment Calendar pre-order on HeroMart.com

You can now pre-order this year's new calendar at www.HeroMart.com

Happy Frostval!

Hope you have been enjoying our releases and looking forward to the new things that are coming up. Some of the most interesting things seem to happen in-between our big releases while the animators and map builders are doing the part that takes longer. We are very grateful that you are a part of our video game community and with more devs logging on the live server than ever.... I really hope to see you in game.

Battle on!
Artix, Glisel, and the AdventureQuest 3D Team


P.S. We've updated the Battleon Chess "Gamemaster" title to "Chess Gamemaster"... just in case ;)

P.P.S Got messages from a few players about needing just a weeee bit more time to finish up Camp Shrade-- which had shut down this week. We are re-opening it for one extra week for you. You can access it by typing /join campshrade

P.P.P.S. We are 100% doing the "You made it through 2020" badge... you are almost there. Keep going!

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