Frostval Strikes Back

Glisel | Tuesday, December 3, 2019

The Return of Frostval, our Winter Holiday

Time to pull out your sweaters, scarves, and woolly socks because Frostval is back! You will find previous years' maps, craft items, and returning item shop. If this is your first Frostvale with us... join us and catch up!

In a Land Far, Far Away...

Frostval is a wonderful time of year when we celebrate how the Hero helped the Frost Moglins escape from the Yettun into the snowy lands of Frostvale. (Frostvale is the land, Frostval is the winter holiday) You are that Hero! So, if haven't yet experienced this story, meet Blizzy at the Travel Crystal and go to "Frostvale Cave".

The Frostlorn

The Frostlorn (Level 18+)

You must be at least level 18 to do Frostvale quests. Not because the Frostlorn is not wearing clothes... I mean, he's not, but that is 100% NOT the reason. The monsters here are very powerful, but lower level Heroes may brave it if you dare.

Past Frostval Items

If you already experienced it, check out the craft and DC items from Frostval 2017 and 2018 also available with Blizzy. This includes four sets of seasonal armor, including...

Frostlorn Necro Armor, Toy Soldier, Gingerbread, and Frostlorn Warrior (with or without antlers). Frostlorn Mage and Rogue variants are available to craft. You can also buy thematic pets, travel forms, weapons, and back items like the Tangled Lights seen above.

The Frostlorn Boss Fight

The heroes of our world have become considerably more powerful since the last encounter with this trio of ice villains. I almost feel bad for them. The craft shop for these armors is on Blizzy.

Next week is a FRIDAY THE 13TH!

Historically on Friday the 13ths we return to Camp Gonnagetcha for a war and to face the unstoppable abdomination of horror, SHRADE. But next week, we have a new horror villain coming your way. Also a war. How does Mogloween vs Frostval sound? Which side would you fight for?

Until then... gather your coats and your friends, and...Battle On!

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