Game Jam 2019

Artix Krieger | Monday, January 7, 2019

Team Reward Game Jam

QUESTION: What do you give game devs who crammed non stop for 4 months through the holidays to get all of their releases done as a reward?

ANSWER: One week to build whatever they want :D

A One-Week Game Jam

This entire week, to unleash our creativity and respark the our deepest passion, I gave the AdventureQuest 3D coders and artists the ultimate reward... to build whatever the heck they want. We split the team into small 1 to 4 person teams. Each team submitted a design doc for the project they wanted to make. Dage's team is doing a MechQuest themed mini-game. Cysero is doing an interesting project requiring a lot of writing. There are a lot of fun projects. The one I am working on... revolves around a sword. All of these are small scope minie-games or prototypes. The sort of thing you can make and release in a single week. Morale is through the roof. It is going to be a lot of fun-- the perfect reward for all of their hard work. As weird as it sounds to some, if you are a super creative person too, then you know exactly how liberating it is to work on something fresh with creative freedom after being laser focused on a bigger project for so long. Not all of the team are working purely on games. Zhoom is experimenting with a new technology and Titan is experimenting with applying new technology to an existing thing. I will keep you updated on the progress of the teams on this week if you would like to follow along. Do not worry-- we pre-built this week's AdventureQuest 3D release which will be coming on Wednesday or Thursday. We will be releasing new random adventures and those pretty pretty pink Dage items.

SERIOUS QUESTION: If you could build whatever you wanted in a week in the thing you do (art, music, games, writing, etc)-- what would you create? And why not join us in the jam this week by creating it? We will all be show-and-telling our projects on Friday. *in mortal kombat announcer voice* Let "Mortal Game Jam begin!"



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