Gender and Name Changes

Artix Krieger | Friday, March 30, 2018

A whole new level of character customization

At the request of many players, you can now change your character's gender in the account area of the AdventureQuest 3D website. So, if you made a mistake when you created your character, or want an incognito fresh start, you now have new options available to you.


Thank you to Captain Rhubarb

A lot of players were asking us if we could fix their gender on AQ3D. While it will take us a long while before we can get this feature in game, Captain Rhubarb (our Database/Web guru) said he could build a way to do it in the account section of the game's website so they would not have to wait. He did it really fast! You can join me in saying thanks by tweeting a Thank you Capt! to him on Twitter @CaptRhubarb

Fix the Capitalization of your name for free

We store the capitalization of your name exactly as you typed it when you created it. So I could be Artix, artix, ARTIX, arTix, etc. While he was working on the other stuff he made it so you can now change the capitalization of your name for free. (NOTE! Adding spaces or punctuation is a full name change and will cost DCs.)

Two Gamer Stories...

Story 1: A guy friend
So I had a guy friend who was playing a female character. I asked him, "Why are you playing a girl in this MMO?" He replied, "Well, I am going to be spending a lot of time staring at the rear end of my character... which would you prefer to be staring at?"

Story 2: My female friend (OK, this one was OIshii)
So, Oishii was playing an online MMO as a big beardly man. I asked, "Why do you play a bearded man?" She intelligently replied, "Because it's fun.... to play a different character. Why not?"



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