Gift Boxes! Artix is waiting to give you a present

Glisel | Friday, December 20, 2019

Happy Frostval!

We checked the list and it turned out you've been very good this year. Artix is in town with a very special, very secret present. Head to town and get it.

What is inside the box?

It is a surprise! No peeking. It automatically opens when the firework Party Sneevils return on New Year's Eve XD Until then, you will be able to hold and wield your gift box like a weapon until then-- which probably indicates what is inside. (Wielding the boxes before they opened was my favorite things from both the original AdventureQuest, and also AdventureQuest Worlds... so happy we are finally doing it here!)

Wait! There's actually two boxes.

Yup. There are two boxes. One gift box is for everybody, and the other one is for the Guardians. Both items were created by Dage and... *gulps* I have been sworn to secrecy not to post this image I have been drooling over... until the boxes open and you see them for yourself.

When and How Do I Get the Gift Box?

Artix will be standing in town waiting to give you your gift boxes personally. (They will cost 0 gold from the Gift Box shop on him.)


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