New Giveaway and last week's Winners

Glisel | Friday, September 27, 2019

Ahoy! Look'n to score a 2019 "Talk Like a Pirate Day" collection?

Ye' be plotting to stowaway on me' crew eh? Well there's room for 3 more... you know what to do. Like, share, and comment with yer AdventureQuest 3D name so we know who to give the loot to. There'll be 3 lucky winners plunder'n me booty-- one chosen at random from each of these 3 unsocial media pages, har har!

Feel free to enter on all 3.... triple yer' odds!

Don't forget to add your AdventureQuest 3D character name in the comments. That's how we'll know where to put the rewards.

But, what if I already have the 2019 collection?

Ye already have this year's collection!? Oh ho ho! Then ye be in fer a real treat me harty. We'll pull some loot out of our private "dev stash" fer ya.

Good luck! Go and enter-- also, don't ferget to see last week's screenshot winners below.


UPDATE: Collection Winners!

Congratulations to our TLAPD 2019 Collection winners. The collection has been unlocked for you in the Battleon Bank - so head over there to collect your winnings!

  • Twitter Winner: @SylveonXY123 (IGN: Lyn)
  • Instagram Winner: @tyronewhales (IGN: Tyrath)
  • Facebook Winner: @Danny Jones (IGN: Daniel Swiftstrike)


#ScreenShot Saturday Winners

The winners of the Talk Like A Pirate Day 2019 Screenshot Saturday have received their Warlord's Chest in their AQ3D inventory. You can check out all 146 submissions in the AQ3D Facebook Album for TLAPD.

Az_Leun (@Leun_RM onTwitter)

Captain Morgan (@CaptainMorganAE on Twitter)

Chasire (@ChasireAQ3D on Twitter)

Dagmar (@VVitching_Hour on Twitter)

Lunaceria (@JusticaLuna on Twitter)

NullVoid (@ThyYvez on Twitter)

Oroku (@Oroku_AE on Twitter)

SynCronoS (AQ3DSynCronoS on Twitter)

Weefy (@VVeefy on Twitter)

Wyrmwulf (@Wyrmwulf on Twitter)

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