*looks up* Give me a sign!

Artix Krieger | Tuesday, March 12, 2019

"I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes... I saw the sign."

Meanwhile, as the dev team works on the new Kingdom of Battlleon. Are you looking for a sign that someone is out there listening? Be ready, this post is less spiritual and more sprite-procedural. Here is some concept art of the signs for the new store fronts.

The Battleon Board

There are two big story additions you will immediately notice. First, there is  giant archway with glowing runes over the travel crystal. Second, is the Battleon Board....

Looking for some adventurer work? Containing daily quests, dailiy boss challenge fights, news, special events, and more... this will be your one stop shop for something new to do.

Of course, we need to figure out which version to use and where to put it first.

Yulgar's Inn

I love Dage's creativity. He has been posting these alternates on Twitter all day as he works with Llusion on what is possible.

It would be neat if clicking on the live music board brought up the band of the week and a way to access any special events with them


Board or no board? I get the feeling Bev the Barber will appriciate either handing above her new barber shop.

Aria's Petshop

The exterior of the new Kingdom of Battleon is currently 5 zones (maps) big. Each outer quarter is grouped by theme and the Guardian Tower, which will now have an main inner-story area that all players can access, will be in the center. We had moved the petshop out of the 1st area so that we could put more horses in the attached stable, but I felt strongly that we needed it in the first area. The paw print sign is a classic  from our previous games. Did you know in the very very very first AdventureQuest I had drawn the paw print with only three toes and everyone thought I had made a mistake?

Shadow Creature from the Plane of Darkness

I am so glad to finally be telling the story of these creatures through the upcoming Idle of the Dead. Thyton and Dage sketched up some concepts for these beings.

This was actually the 3rd version... considering they are essentially darkness elementals, it makes sense that they should align to the style of our other elementals.

Thyton had conceptualized what these shadow beings would look like if they took on a more solid shape-- which is hard for them to do in our world, and you will soon learn why.

While I am teetering wildly off the topic of town... this lower level, but awesome "Hero Set" was concepted today. Love the way it looks.

Hope you are looking forward to the new Kingdom of Battleon... a Kingless Kingdom, ruled and protected by the heroes who call it home.


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