Artix Krieger | Thursday, April 13, 2017

Half Elephant... half gorilla... 100% AWESOME!

Behold, the first sneak peak of 3D concept art for the legendary DragonFable monster, the Gorillaphant.

Gorillaphant Attack
("The Gorillaphant attacks" GIF from DragonFable wikipedia entry)

Story Time

The Gorillaphant was one of the first monsters you encountered in DragonFable. It is strong, fast, loves bananas, peanuts, and NEVER FORGETS... to beat heroes to a pulp. This fantastic creature gained quite a following in the DragonFable video game community. It also appeared in AdventureQuest Worlds and in our first ever mobile game, BattleGems (Available on Apple and Android devices).  While I know I should be hyping Ashfall Part 2 (which may launch next week if we can solve the bugs in the 3 cutscenes and add the bonus challenge maps fast enough)... thought you might like seeing some art of of this monster which will be appearing in the next new zone to follow the Ashfall Saga-- which will be Shaman based.

Gorillaphant Variants

Dage's Gorillaphant Variants

Above are a few of the variants that Dage concepted. Personally, I like the second one with the hair-- if we make the hair grayish like the original. Perhaps paint the nostrils very subtly on the final model to make the face slightly more asthetically pleasing contrasted to its hulking body which we should probably thicken even more. I am finding that I really like it when our monsters are chunkier in game. The glowing armored version at the end is absolutely killer.

QUESTION: Like or love the Gorillaphant? Let us know :D


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