Elvenguard Dragon Travel Form

Artix Krieger | Saturday, September 9, 2017
Elgenguard Dragon Travel Form

NEW! Greenguard Themed Dragon Travel Forms

Gaz, the shady sneevil on the cart in town is now selling Elvenguard and Green Dragon travel forms. Transform at will and hover across the land at 130% speed.

This weekend only! Early collectors save 10%

As per tradition, we are releasing these new travel forms at a discount for a limited time. The price will increase to the full amount at the end of the weekend (actually, due to the hurricane coming through here in Tampa, FL... it will increase after we get power restored.)

  • Elvenguard Dragon
    Armored dragon which matches the Elevenguard armor set found in Greenguard
  • Green Dragon
    A dragon... that is... green. The title of this one really hits the mark.


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