Greenguard Forest is LIVE!

Artix Krieger | Saturday, September 9, 2017

The grass really is greener on this side

"OMG! I can transform into a Bush!" - a random player who should have been talking about the world plot, cinematics, mini-bosses, surprises, secrets, challenges, puns, and ...yup, you really can find a secret that lets you transform into a bush.

The World Plot Begins

Who is this strange scythebow weilding guy? What does that gold symbol on his chest mean? Who does his hair? Wait... scythebow? How do you use a bow made out of two scythes!?

"Feels like an Artix Entertainment game now!"

Check out the new Greenguard and you will find we not only listened to your feedback, but also poured in a little of the secret sauce. (R.I.P "The Grind")

The Zard Hunter

Go into the field with the world's foremost Frogzard Expert. He knows them inside and out... literally.

King Sneed got himself a Frogzard Mount

He also now lives atop an impressively tall Sneevil Tree fort. Perhaps you can claim that box crown for yourself?

Brutalcorn Lives!

50% Unicorn, 50% BRUTAL!!!!!! Do you have what it takes to challenge our dude-bro version of Monty Python's Black Knight?

Better Crafting!

As you progress through the story you will unlock different things to craft-- starting with the Zardscale armor set. You will find it is much faster and more fun to make items now.

Challenge Fights & Secrets!

We hid things around Greenguard forest for you... most you can handle yourself with the right gear. But to battle the Clawg, you will need to bring a few tough friends.

This is just a nice picture....

Not sure if you are still reading at this point. Just checking.

Beating around the... BUSH!

There is a secret hidden in the forest which... if found, will allow any hero to transform themselves into a bush at will. Excels at hiding, sneaking, espionage, and x-treme bush racing. Moves at 0% travel speed.

Hair ye, Hair ye! Beards & Braids are here.

Head to ye' old barber shop for all new ways to customize your hero including beards, braids, and....

You can now change your eye color, lip color, and we added new skin & hair colors. We also made it so you can spin your character around while customizing-- and added a random button for awesome and sometimes horrifying results!

Elvenguard & Green Dragon Travel Forms

10% off this weekend only from Gaz. Transform into a Green or Elvenguard Dragon at will and hover across the land at 130% speed.

Play the new Greenguard

Did I mention the Stone in the Sword in the Stone thing? Come play the new Greenguard with us. Simply login and choose Greenguard from the travel menu. Battle on!

P.S. We (Artix Entertainment / The AdventureQuest 3D Team) are located in Tampa, Florida. We have secured the lab and are now bracing for Hurricane Irma which appears to be coming for a visit. It is the biggest hurricane in current history. Do not worry, the game servers will not be effected, they are in Texas. But the staff and I may be unavailable/offline for a few days if the power goes out, or we have to fight sharks or whatever else the hurricane hurls at us. If you see anyone ask why we/player support/Heromart has not responded right away, please let them know we will get them fixed up as soon as we are back online. To everyone in the path of the hurricane, be safe.

P.P.S. If you have any problems be sure to go to options on the login screen and "Clear Cache"


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