SURPRISE! Gift to Pre-Beta Guardians / Backers

Artix Krieger | Tuesday, July 26, 2016


In addition to the Kickstarter Rewards delivered in the newest update, we gave some serious love to our awesome backers. A crazy amount of Dragon Crystals was injected into every backer account and if you were a Guardian in the Pre-Beta you just got bumped up to "Collector's Guardian" which includes Wings and a mount transformation!  Read on for details.

Thank you for being there for us. Now, here are details for this tidal wave of unexpected appreciation :D


Dragon Crystals for every backer!

The amounts we just put on your character are higher than any comparable package in game :D

We know that no-one was expecting to get Dragon Crystals as part of their Kickstarter pledge or Guardian purchase. Which is why, on top of your existing rewards, we are so proud to be injecting your account with a huge amount Dragon Crystals to return our loyalty!

Dragon Crystals awarded per pledge level

  • 2,500 DC - Cross-Game Hero / Hero Starter Pack
  • 7,500 DC - Guardian (Wow!)
  • 17,500 DC "THE DRAGON'S HORDE"  - Epic Founder & above (OMGZORS!)


All Pre-Beta Guardians UPGRADED to "Collector's Dragon Guardian"

If you had Guardian during the Pre-Beta, then thank you and congratulations! We just bumped you up and got you the collector's edition item rewards (Worth $50 USD.) including...

  • Guardian Dragon Wings
  • Guardian Dragon Armor
  • Guardian Dragon Helm
  • Guardian Dragon Gloves
  • Guardian Dragon Boots
  • Guardian Dragon Belt
  • and....
  • wait for it....
  • wait fooooooor it.........
  • Elite Guardian Rider! (Mount Transformation) - Released once it is finished being animated (Korin is on it now)

You can pick up your items at any time from the Guardian Alistair who is standing in front of the Guardian Tower. Depending on your pledge level he might have some other Kickstarter goodies for you to try out as well.

999 Health & Mana Potions!

Backers who supported at the "Hero's Backpack" and above tier were expecting some bonus potions. You also reached a stretch goal which doubled the starting potions for backers.

We were originally going to give you 100. Then we doubled it to 200! Then, after a moment of silence... we whispered, "They really had our backs." And we doubled it again to 400. Then Cysero said, "I mean, these guys believed in us when no one else did." so we doubled it again to 800. Then Artix asked, "What is max potion stack size?" Zhoom replied, "99." *Moment of silence* "Then hack it and give them 999!" 

Larger Backpack!

You start the game with 30 backpack slots. Backers who pledged at the Hero Starter Pack level now have +20 more backpack slots. If you have Guardian or higher you get +20 more. So as of today you may have as many as 70 Backpack slots :D (Note: Banks are going to be coming this year too... so you have a place to put all those capes. )

More Kickstarter Rewards delivered :D

More surprises await you in Closed Beta. You will be pleased to discover that many more of the Kickstarter Rewards have stealthfully been added to the game for you. Most of them the items are the low level versions. Quests are in development to get better versions. You will also be able to use item fusion (coming soon) to merge them and make them stronger. Check in with Melodia in Yulgar's Inn and Guardian Alister who is standing outside the Guardian Tower to see what they have. We expect all backer items except the classes and custom items to be delivered by the start of Open Beta!

Thank you & Testing!

"Actions speak louder than tweets." We are grateful for your loyalty and support. We did not just want to deliver on this Kickstarter... we wanted to OVER DELIVER!

We hope you enjoy the Dragon Crystals and bonuses we have awarded you in this release. If you had the Guardian badge during pre-beta, then we really hope you love the Collector's Edition items including the  Dragon Wings and Elite Guardian Mount Transformation (which will release after Korin finishes animating it.) Without question these are some of the best things we have ever produced for the game.  Please help us test all of the items. We are still in Beta after all, and we expect to find issues-- and as always, fix them :D

OH MY GOSH!!!!!! I forgot about the Badge!

Pre-Beta Badge

Your character page will now proudly display the Pre-Beta Badge. Every time you glance at it, remember the good times we had together and how important you were in the creation of this game. We have a lot to do... Closed Beta approaches. Time to get testing. BATTLE ON!


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