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Artix Krieger | Tuesday, April 18, 2017
Hair Concepts for AdventureQuest 3D

Things are getting hairy!

In yesterday's design notes I mentioned Circa was concepting more hair styles for your characters. Like AdventureQuest Worlds, we have the potential for unlimited hair styles in this new game. Below is concept art-- that is, Circa painted different hair styles on top of bald characters in photoshop. To put these in game they need to be modeled in 3D (by Xero), textured (By Thyton, Dage, or Nightwraith), and made color customizable (By Yergen or Xero). So let us know which ones you like most! Also, if there is something you would like that is not posted here, upload an image of it in the comment section. I will check in and make sure Circa sees your comments.

Hair to the Throne

When barber shop opens and allows you to go in, you will be able to change your hair, skin, and eye color. Like most of the shops in town, there will be specific quests in the barber shop that will unlock more hair styles-- likely the weirder ones. Sorta like how you could get the "hair gel" in AdventureQuest Worlds from the slime monsters. Oooh, fun fact: Bev the barber in AdventureQuest World's barber shop was designed after the real life Barber, Bev... who has been cutting my hair for about 10 years. When I would go in, I would always tell her what we were building in our video games. Back when we did our first event with Voltaire she was surprised, "You can put real people in your video games?" I said, "Of course! Would you like to be immortalized as a video game character?" She laughed and smiled thinking I must be jesting. The next time I came in I showed her a screenshot of the character our artists made of her for the game. She said, "OMG! Are you serious?" One of the things that has always impressed me about Bev is she truly, honestly, loves what she does. Her real life catch phrase is literally, "I love cutting hair!" I wrote an entire design notes on it once-- about genuine people who found their passion and do it for a living. The best kind.

QUESTION: Which ones are MUST HAVES? And are there any styles you did not see but really want? Drop us a message or an image below. Battle on!

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