Hair ye, Hair ye! Beards & Braids are here.

Artix Krieger | Saturday, September 9, 2017

The Hair-pocolypse has begun!

Head to the barber shop for all new ways to customize your hero including....

  • Beards
  • Braids
  • Eye color
  • Lip color
    ... yes, we added black
  • New Skin colors
  • New Hair Colors
  • Spin your character around!
    Even if the spinning is a wee bit wobbly due to the pivot point on your hero's idle position (fix for another time.)
  • Random Button!
    ...which potentially creates wondrous and horrifying results!

Your Hero looks better in the light and the dark!

We have adjusted the characters to pop a little more, while still being effected by nearby lights. This will make your character look better in the dark... which, if you already played the new Greenguard release you know is VERY IMPORTANT.

Hair-etic! Freedom to customize regardless of gender

When adding beards, braids, and customizable lip colors, we were asked if only males would be allowed to have beards. But we all have a dwarven friend that likes his womenfolk bearded with a battleaxe. So we decided to give ALL customization options to both genders. This took a little extra work, because the male and female heads are different shape-- but we are sure someone out there will appreciate it.

Female heroes no longer look alien!

Thank you for all of the positive feedback on this! We spent a lot of time on the female hero's geometry, texture, and expressions. Oishii, who designed the characters in DragonFable did the final pass on the face and we were really proud that it finally made it out in this release.

New Hair Styles coming! "Hairdo's & Don'ts"

A few weeks back I asked for your suggestions on anime-esque hair styles and we have the first batch of the new ones coming soon. It is exciting to see how unique everyone looks now... and the more options we add, the more interesting it will get!

Post a "Barber Shop Selfie!"

I would love to see your character. Post a screenshot in the comment section below of your character. You can post either in the barbershop or just zoomed in on the face--- which reminds me, we increased both the pinch to zoom & wheel zoom so you can get a better shot of your character now.


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