Happy New Year 2021!

Rellik | Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Battle on into the New Year in AdventureQuest 3D!

Login for your Free Axe gift "The Blinding Light of Frostval". Join us for 8 live events on New Years Eve! New rewards have been added to the live event shop.  Also, check out gold Raven's the year in review video!

Happy New Year!

A gift to you...  Blinding Light of Frostval!

That’s right! The Frostval spirits are overcoming us, so login to claim The Blinding Axe of Frostval axe to  “slay-bell” the undead! It’s surprisingly festive for an axe. Just talk to Artix (the Paladin) in Yulgar's Inn.

Blinding Axe of Frostval

Really... really festive....


New Live Event Items


New Live Event Items! (For you to spend your live event coins on.) 

Use your Live Event Coins to buy these items
What is a live event coin? It’s simple! During special treasure chests sometimes appear during live events containing "Live Event Coins".  These are super rare and can be used in the Live Event Coin Shop. Once you have a few, head on over to Serenity (the blonde lady) in Yulgar’s Inn and check out all the cool new items you can get!

New Live Event Masks

  • Brown Oni Mask
  • Blue Oni Mask
  • Red Oni Mask

New Live Event Weapons

  • Magician’s Battle Rod
  • Magician’s Rod
  • Lance of Hope
  • Arch Mage’s Treasured Staff

New Live Event Armors

And More!

More items than pictured are listed.

  • Roseate Wings
  • Nutcracker armor set
  • Heroic Coat
  • Heroic Boots
  • Party Drum Belt
  • Romeo Armor set
  • Surgebound
  • Twisted Ice
  • Royal Focus
  • Nightrage
  • Celestial Scepter
  • Emberheart
  • Flamingo Wings
  • Dragon Wing Blade
  • Villainous Coat
  • Villainous Boots
  • Yellow Kite Pet
  • Red Kite Pet
  • Blue Kite Pet
  • Head Flame
  • Bee Knife
  • Golden Staff of the Magi
  • Dark Grey Werewolf Head Morph
  • Dark Red Werewolf Head Morph
  • Brown Werewolf Head Morph
  • Black Werewolf Head Morph
  • Astral Staff
  • Astral Witch’s Hat
  • Grimbeard’s Rifle

2021 Year in Review Video

The year went by so fast you may not even remember all of the updates, adventures, improvements, and more that have happened in AdventureQuest 3D. We thought we could list some of our biggest achievements that we accomplished together this year.

  • PvP!!! (Finally!)
  • The Darkovia Finale with Wolfwing
  • The Sandsea Saga in its entirety
  • The Cabin in the Woods event
  • Healer Class
  • Rellik being hired (this is 100% an amazing achievement and is not biased in any way)
  • All of the new armor, items, and pets

Gold Raven created an AdventureQuest 3D 2021 Year in Review video looking back on all of the AdventureQuest 3D releases from 2021. Take a look!

New Years Eve Live Event Schedule

New Years Eve Live Events!

Join us in AdventureQuest 3D for 8 New Years Eve live events with Artix, Blaze, and the team. We will be spawning monsters, loot, anything-goes mayhem as the clock strikes midnight around the real world. Events will start in the game's home town. When? Might just be easier to remember "Hop in game at 15 minutes before Midnight." You are welcome to join us for one or all of them!

Live Event Times listed below...

Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia New Years Eve

  • 10:45 am EST
  • 7:45 am PST

Eastern Europe New Years Eve

  • 5:45 pm EST
  • 2:45 pm PST

UK & Central Europe

  • 6:45 pm EST
  • 3:45 pm PST

Brazil (Coastal)

  • 8:45 pm EST
  • 5:45 pm PST


  • 9:45 pm EST
  • 6:45 pm PST


  • 10:45 pm EST
  • 7:45 pm PST

East Coast

  • 11:45 pm EST
  • 8:45 pm PST

West Coast USA

  • 2:45 am EST
  • 11:45 pm PST

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

On behalf of the entire AdventureQuest 3D team, thank you for the incredible memories this year. Next year should be far more memorable. If you enjoyed our Battle Concerts... we have two big events coming your way. Maybe we will leak more about them during the special events. You know I (Artix) cannot keep a secret.

See you in-game at the live events....

Battle on!
Artix, Glisel, Blaze, Rellik, and the AQ3D Team

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