Happy New Year!

Glisel | Monday, December 30, 2019

Happy New Year!

The gift boxes have opened and fireworks-laced Party Sneevils are in town bringing in the new year the most explosive way possible. Hop on and join us in blasting fireworks as we enter 2020... and onward to new adventures!

It is also Artix & Nythera's birthdays :D But you are the one who is getting the gift!

GitBox Items

Gift Boxes have just opened

Yup. The gift boxes have just opened. Login and see what your box turned into. These are by far two of the finest items Dage has created. We hope you love them.

Artix GitBox

But wait... I want the box!

We had a feeling that someone might say that XD. The boxes now drop as loot from the Party Sneevils (Fireworks) in town! We also a few you can get from Artix in town. Now you can wield your favorite, uh, box... year round!

Party Sneevils

Party Sneevils

Bring in the the New Year with a bang! The Party Sneevils are back in Battleon... battle them to launch pretty fireworks into the sky and score some loot while you are at it.

Bring in 2020 in AdventureQuest 3D

Bring in 2020 in AdventureQuest 3D

Wherever you are, we hope you are having a fun, safe, and adventure filled New Year's eve. From all of us here to you... Happy New Year!

Artix's 2020 Year in Review

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