Concept Art! Heartwood Forest

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Art sneak peak of the upcoming new area

Feast thy oculus orbs upon ye ol' sneak peek pics of the upcoming HeartWood Forest 2.0. This freshly upgraded area will reintroduce the story using all of the games new features, art, and will also be our first boss battle against one of Void King Vane's generals.

Adventure in Heartwood in AdventureQuest 3D

Llussion's concept art

The process of creating (or re-creating) maps in AdventureQuest 3D starts with Llussion. He both draws & paints the concepts as well as models the pieces.

Guardian Tower of HeartWood Forest

The new Heartwood story has several Guardian characters that you will meet.

If you have played our previous games you are likely already familiar with the order of Guardians. But for new players, this will be the first time working along side them to help solve the world's problems. (Or possibly cause some new ones)

I love how Llussion adds characters to his concept art to set the mood.

Once the 3D models are ready, they are sent to the artists to texture. Dage painted the tree which lies at this heart of this story.

Since we are cleaning up early things, we also re-did the starter sword, daggers, and, by CrossXBones request, we did a new Mage staff too. Some additional variants of these were made-- which is going to be great. The new Heartwood release will come with a new item drop feature. The game can now drop rewards at your power level... meaning players of all levels will get something useful from this release. (At least we hope!)

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Hope you enjoyed this Heartwood concept art sneak peek!

As I write this, the 3D maps are already complete and we are currently working on the monsters, cutscenes, and rewards. The original Heartwood was one of the very first maps we had ever made... it was tiny, good for the art we did back then, but nothing compared to how the game looks now. So eager to see what you think of this one! Every release seems to be better than the last. You may want to go take a final walk around the old Heartwood, and take some screenshots or video to compare. Really looking forward to seeing what you think of the new one when. We should be going live in 2 weeks. This release required more cutscenes and monster animation than we originally expected. While we wait, the 2020 Dage collection is scheduled to release next week.




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