Heartwood Forest Saga

Glisel | Wednesday, April 8, 2020

NEW! The Heartwood Forest Saga is LIVE

The level cap has been raised and this release is for ALL players

Journey to the NEW Heartwood forest. Can you defeat the VoidKnight and protect the next Mystic of Heartwood? Featuring new loot, new cinematic, new music, new quest types (escort and knockout), the 1st of the VoidKing's villains, and the level cap has been increased to 30. You asked for more "Dragons of Ashfall" quality stories and adventure... here we go!


Something is terribly, terribly wrong in Heartwood forest.  Creatures are corrupted, and even the plant life has become dangerous. Meet the Guardians and find Reed, the boy chosen to be the next Mystic of Heartwood. Can you protect the boy from the VoidKnight and his minions as completes his Mystic trials?

New Villain!

Face Omen, the VoidKnight. The VoidKing ordered this champion into Heartwood Forest to prevent what will happen if Reed becomes the next Mystic.

New Monsters & New Quest Types...

The VoidKing's minions have been spotted in Heartwood. Which will make our new quest types even more dangerous.

  • Escort Quests
  • "Put monsters to sleep" Quests


Watch the HeartWood Trailer video on YouTube

The Guardians

The Guardians mission here is one of the utmost importance. They know what is at stake... and something went wrong. Now, it will be up to you.

....also, there are rumors of a a lost Guardian tower somewhere within this forest.



AdventureQuest 3D's animators Korin and Xentry went above and beyond for heartwood. Every cinematic adds to the grandeur and excitement of the new Heartwood map and story. You've never seen action and story telling in AQ3D quite like this.


Jongaar's new soundtracks for Heartwood are like Bardic Inspiration. It captures the awe and wonder... yet makes you also want to charge into battle. Please feel free to do both.

Auden, the Traveling Merchant

Auden the traveling merchant carries supplies to the Guardians out on missions. She's capable and she's seen a lot on her travels, but she's a trader, not a fighter. Give her a hand and she'll provide new stat-based items for you to craft!


New Craftable Items... with stats!

The new items have stats and will craft at a power near your level.

  • Wooden Warrior Set
  • Heartwolf Hunter Set
  • Heartwood Ranger Set
  • ...and more


Take your first step into the NEW HeartWood Forest...

We really hope you enjoy this new AdventureQuest 3D story. It is now available for you and all players. Heartwood is a completely new area & story. Head there using the travel crystal, your travel map, or simply walk there from Greenguard! The entire team put their heart and soul into this release... I am really proud of their work, and after you play it, I hope you agree. This is the kind of storytelling AdventureQuest 3D deserves!

The level cap has been raised to 30.

Battle on!

Artix & your friends at AdventureQuest 3D


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