Heroes Heart Screenshot Valentine! *Winners Update*

Glisel | Friday, February 14, 2020

Happy Heroes Heart Week!

Heroes Heart Day is about spreading love... for each other and for adventure. This weekend your ultimate creativity skills will be tested. Make a Valentine's Day card... out of screenshots! 3 Winners will get either the 2020 Heroes Heart collection or 2,000 DCs!

How to Participate

  • Gather Screenshots (new or old, they just have to belong to your)
  • Use your screenshots creatively to make your best AQ3D Valentine's Day inspired cards.
  • Use whatever skills you have to do this, but it must have a screenshot of AdventureQuest 3D as part of it.
  • Post your cards as a comment on Artix's "Screenshot Valentine" Twitter post or the AdventureQuest 3D "Screenshot Valentine" Facebook post by Monday, February 17, 2020. You must include your in-game name in the comment with your Valentine or you will not be eligible to win.

The Prizes

There will be three winners. One per category: Funny, Heartwarming, and Best Overall. 

Each winner will get (depending on what they already have)... the 2020 Heroes Heart Collection OR 2,000 DragonCrystals

We reserve the right to give more prizes for those who go above and beyond.


The Winners!

We had so many amazing entrees that it was really hard to decide who to give the prize to... even after adding a new category to hopefully make it easier to decide. So the winners of the three individual categories were chosen at random to prevent Glisel's brain from imploding with indecision.


Twitter: @JdexVeritas (IGN: jdex)
Prize: 2,000 DCs


Twitter: @Aq3dWithBailey (IGN: With Bailey YouTube)
Prize: 2,000 DCs


FB: John Castore (IGN: John The Brave)
Prize: The 2020 Heroes Heart collection

Best Overall

FB: Frank Lester Durens (IGN: TartarusHD)
"Screenshot Collage Mosaic"
Prize: The 2020 Heroes Heart collection


Congratulations winners!

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