Happy Hero's Heart Day! Paladin Class Released

Artix Krieger | Thursday, February 14, 2019

Love is in the air! Be sure to bring a gas mask.

Gaz and his love-filled cart have just arrived back in town. Check it out and then... SURPRISE! Paladin Class has just been released.

Gaz'z Heroes Heart Shop

This year's new Hero's Heart day shop has lots of both DragonCrystal AND Gold items for you. A little something for everyone.

Heroes Heart Day

It is a yearly Valentines tradition that players of all of our games can enjoy. Also a good holiday for people who like to eat roses... apparently.

Paladin Class

Surprise! Head to DoomWood to begin your quest to earn the Paladin Class.

Heroes Heart Day Shop Collection?

We did not plan on a collection, but a lot of players wanted a storage solution... so we added up the price of the DC items and then put every item from the shop (including the gold ones) into it. Needless to say it is less expensive than the usual collections.

Our love of gaming burns like a Pyromancer

...and there's no special cream for that.

We spread our Mini-Live Events over the course of the day so players from different time zones could join in and score some Live Event Chests and the magical DuckyDucky feather which transforms you into love itself... or a yellow duck looking trobble... it's all how you look at it. "Is the coffin half full or empty?"

Our Next Mini-Live Event is at 10:00pm EST!

Are you a Quest Giver or Quest Receiver?

Goals T-Shirts return to HeroMart for a limited time

Vesper and PanicPop model our Valentines special shirts. You can get yours at www.HeroMart.com

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