Artix Krieger | Monday, September 18, 2017

Yo ho ho! We be fixing seams, re-adding loot chests back to dungons, throwing 250 keys yer way fer the trouble, the price O' dragons be raising, and it be time to announce the Friday the 13th event coming yer' way in fer our big anniversary in October, har har!

A SEAM-ple fix!

Thank you to to everyone supporting the game by getting pirate gear for Talk Like a Pirate Day! --the official day is tomorrow and the team and I will be online hanging out and causing a little chaos :D Dage just finished re-painting the seams on all of the gear. This fixes the issue that you can see the seems when zoomed out. Ironically, we were always taught to color inside the lines.. but when it comes to texturing 3D models, I guess you have to paint a little outside the lines! While Dage was at it, he upgraded the artwork too-- love how he always goes above and beyond.

Making a Come Back! Dungeon Loot Chests

You may remember that not long ago the code team put a week long halt on new content releases while they reworked the entire map system. As players, you would probably not notice anything different but it's a HUGE shift in how we made maps on the development end of things. We expected a few hiccups, and we found a few but they were all very small and easy to repair... until now.

Some of you have noticed that no matter how many times you run a dungeon, it's now impossible to find a chest. This is really not a huge deal unless you're one of the few hunting for those extremely hard-to-find dungeon items. After several reports of this, the issue was verified and the code team tracked the problem down to a small wrinkle that came in when the maps were all reworked.

Now that we know the problem, fixing it is possible but we currently have a new build submitted to the mobile platforms and awaiting approval. Once it is approved and goes live, the team will be able to post a patch that fixes this issue. When that happens, we will be giving everyone 250 free dungeon keys by way of apology for the time lost farming chests.

We expect the fix next week, between Sept 27 and Sept 29.

Elvenguard & Green Dragons - Last chance for discount!

If you have not already gotten the new green dragon travel forms, you have until the server restarts today to get them before the price goes up to 1900 DC & 4500 DC, respectively.

UPDATE: The servers have been restarted and the prices have now changed! Yarrr!

Meanwhile, under the hood...

We accidentally broke a bunch of maps this week-- the fix is coming shortly. A few of the new gameplay features for maps tried to sneak into the live game, even thought there are only half ready. If you are curious and want to know more details, they are new types interactive objects. If you are familiar with phasing in other games, this is sorta our version of it. 

Anniversary Event - October, Friday the 13th

Our 15th year anniversary is coming next month! This week we will officially be announcing what is coming with it-- if you have not already guessed. If you want to try to predict, you have just a few days to rummage around our Twitters for clues and spoilers.






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