Just released! Improved classes

Artix Krieger | Thursday, October 26, 2017

Combat overhaul is a literal "Game Changer"

Login on any device and play the new & improved Warrior, Rogue, Mage, and Guardian classes. They now feature unique play styles with new skills, animated FX, and ULTIMATES!

New in AdventureQuest 3D version 1.6.0 code name "Pew Pew"

This release has only one goal-- to make AdventureQuest 3D's combat more fun! Which means we made fighting faster, more exciting, and updated each class with a distinct play style. We hope you love it-- every class feels more fun to play. This is a vital update, setting the foundation for us to create the next wave of classes. Login and see for yourself, or read on for the juicy details.

Gameplay Changes

  • Health and Mana potions now have a cooldown of 10 seconds before they can be used again.
  • Monster runspeed in combat has been increased.
  • The player can now move at the same speed in all directions.  Including backwards!
  • Players can now cast all spells while moving.
  • Global Cooldown (GCD) has now been lowered to 1 second.  The GCD is the time required before you may cast another ability.
  • Revive Timer has been updated - the player will now Revive with 50% Health and 0 Resource.  The Revive Timer has been lowered to 3 seconds in outdoor maps only.  The Revive Timer remains the same inside Dungeons (10 seconds).
  • Crowd Control (CC) abilities now have Diminishing Returns.  CC abilities are abilities which include effects that slow movement or stun, etc.  (More CC mechanics will be coming soon!)  After 4 applications of a CC-type spell, the mob will become immune to that effect until combat ends (the mob dies, or resets).  This will be indicated by an <immune> message.  If a CC ability also does damage, the damage will still be applied.
  • Damage over Time (DoT) spells are now affected by Armor.
  • Players can now be Stunned by enemies.
  • The player will no longer auto-run to a target when activating an ability if that ability is unable to be used (for example: not enough resource, or skill is still on cooldown)
  • Auto Attack will now be toggled off when switching targets.

User Interface Improvements

  • A skill icon will now flash when the ability is ready to be cast.
  • Skill tooltips now have additional info!
  • New Buff and Debuff icons; you can also hover over these icons to see their effects now!
  • Each Class now has its own Class icon, which is reflected in the player portrait window!
  • Some Skills have new icons.

Class Improvements

Please keep in mind that much of this is still a work in progress and will likely be tweaked and updated as we move forward!

  • All classes now have an ULTIMATE ABILITY which is unlocked through using abilities and dealing damage.
  • All classes now use their own type of resource.  Resource (previously Mana) bars have been updated to reflect this.
  • All Classes now have  their own Passive Ability / Effect.
  • All new Classes Panel!  This Panel will show all of a Classes' Skills, as well as their Passive Ability.
  • New animations and particle effects and swooshies and explodeys (and fire) for almost every skill!


  • Unique Class Trait: The Warrior does not use any resource of any kind.
  • Sever: A quick, precise slash.
  • Crushing Blow: A bone-crunchingly powerful swing of your weapon.
  • Whirlwind: Slice at everything around you, cutting through enemy Armor.
    • Effect: Armor Break
  • Earthbreaker: A massive attack that shatters rock and foes alike.
  • Passive Ability: Weakness Exposed
    • Every 5th spell does increased damage
    • Applies a temporary Attack Buff to all allies (unique spell, cannot be stacked with others of the same type)


  • Class resource: Mana
  • Fireball: A huge blast of fire.
  • Ice Spear: Launch a conjured lance of ice at your foe, dealing Frost damage over time.
    • Effect: Frost (Damage over time)
    • Effect: Slow (Crowd Control)
  • Lightning Strike: Blast your enemy and Stun them briefly.
    • Effect: Stun (Crowd Control)
  • Meteor Volley: Summon devastating meteors to annihilate your target.
  • Passive Ability: Mana Spring
    • Mana Regneration increases as Mana approaches 0.


  • Class resource: Spirit
  • Unique Class Trait: Auto Attacks generate 1 Poison stack.  Poison stacks up to 8.
  • Poison Strike: Apply several (4) stacks of Poison at once.
    • Effect: Poison (Damage over time)
  • Swift Kick: Surprise your foe, briefly Weakening their attacks.
    • Effect: Weaken
  • Scorpion Sting: Converts stacks of Poison to Heavy Poison.
    • Effect: Heavy Poison (Damage over time)
  • Venom Dance: Rapidly apply full Poison stacks and reset the cooldown of Scorpion Sting.
    • Effect: Poison (Damage over time)
  • Passive Ability: Agility
    • Increase Cast Speed and Critical Hit Chance by 5%.


  • Class resource: Mana
  • Unique Class Trait: Abilities are boosted by Guardian Marks.  Auto Attacks generate 1 Guardian Mark.  Guardian Marks stack up to 10.
  • Guardian Strike: A strike from the heavens.  Gain 3 Guardian Marks.
    • Effect: Guardian Mark
  • Dragon's Breath: Channel Dragonfire to incinerate your enemy, forcing the enemy to attack you.  Damage increases with Guardian Marks.
    • Effect: Full Taunt (instantly turns the enemy toward you)
  • Guardian's Hope: Recover your Health, and Health of nearby allies.  Heal increases with Guardian Marks.  Heal amount is based on the Guardian's max Health.
    • Effect: Heal (Area of Effect)
  • Guardian Summon: Summon the power of the Guardian Dragon to burn your enemies to cinders.
  • Passive Ability: Bulwark
    • Reduce all damage taken by 5%.



Literally... log on and battle on! :D Let us know what you love and if you have ideas on how to make it even better. Also accepting brainstorming for the DragonSlayer class which is coming next.


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