Summer of Battling On!: Invasion from the Deep Part 2 TL;DR

Clarion | Wednesday, June 26, 2024


Greetings, Heroes of Lore! TL;DR for this week’s update: The full Design Notes will be available today—stay tuned!

  • Summer War Conclusion: Deep Grotto:
    • New Level 50 Dungeon.
    • 3 New Bosses.
    • Tons of new items with stats.
    • A new pet.
    • Speak to Yulgar in Heroes Cove to get common rarity starter gear for the dungeon.
  • New Summer Collection:
    • Speak to Anette to purchase the new summer collection.
  • New Summer Housing Collection:
    • Bring Heroes Cove home! (And make it your home!)
    • A collection featuring many assets from Heroes Cove
  • Misc Changes:
    • The Defender sets from Battleon Siege are no longer statted, however. If you’ve obtained statted versions you will be able to keep them.
    • Atlantis Raid no longer requires queueing.

Battle on,

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