Invasion from the Deep…Part 2: The Deep Grotto

Clarion | Thursday, June 27, 2024

Invasion from the Deep…Part 2!

The battle has been won but the fight has only just begun… Venture deep under the sea and take the fight to the home of the scronches. They ruined your grill-out and now it’s time to bring the pain to these slimy invaders… Welcome to the Deep 

Grotto! This brand-new dungeon is now unlocked in Heroes Cove as a reward for clearing the Invasion from the Deep War. Inside the Deep Grotto you’ll find a challenge designed for end-game players full of level 50 monsters. As if that wasn’t challenging enough, THREE new bosses await, and 16 pieces of level 50 gear to boot! Clearing the Deep Grotto will require good positioning and the ability to prioritize defeating the right monsters. Do you have what it takes to clear the Grotto of the Deep, or will you be lost at sea?

The Vile Deep Hydra

Stay on the move when battling the Vile Deep Hydra! Its poisonous cloud attacks and water jets will punish anyone not remaining on the move!

Clawgrah the Deepest Claw

This bioluminescent crab monster is a brawler, but don’t be intimidated by his large size! Try to keep close to Clawgrah so you are better positioned to dodge his massive AoE attacks!

Serpnaut - Menace of the Deep

Serpnaut is the last challenge that waits for all those who wish to take on the Deep Grotto… His attacks are a mixture of everything you’ve faced during your trials in the dungeon. Use everything you’ve learned to take down this evil creature and claim your rewards!

The Summer 2024 Collection

This week also brings the 2024 Summer Collection! Within this vast collection of summer-themed items you’ll find

  • The Tidal Tempest Set
  • The Abyssal Set
  • 2 Tie-Up Swimsuits
  • 4 Weapons
  • A Bloodfairy Travelform and Pet

The Heroes Cove Housing Collection

Is home decorating more your thing? We’ve got you covered! Along with the Summer 2024 Gear collection we have the Heroes Cove housing collection. In this massive pack of housing goodies, you’ll find many assets featured within Heroes Cove including the Cove itself as a map. From grills to sea bubbles, you can create your own perfect beach getaway today!

Other Changes

  • The Defender sets from Battleon Siege are no longer statted, however, if you’ve previously obtained statted versions, you will be able to keep them.
  • Atlantis Raid no longer requires queueing.
  • The ShadowReaper of Doom upgrade path no longer requires a Sacrifice of Power.

LAST CHANCE! Rubber Ducky Hat, House Item, and 50% bonus DCs

What the duck is that?! Now you can totally ‘wing it’ with the adorably awesome Rubber Ducky Hat! To adopt your feathered friend, just purchase any package in the upgrade shop, score 50% extra Dragon Crystals, AND as an added bonus, you’ll unlock the Rubber Ducky House Item. For those who get one of the Guardian upgrade packages, you will also get the exclusive bubble-blowing variant helm. Because bubbles rule. And so do you! Thank you for helping support AQ3D – we love that you love us (and rubber duckies too)! 

Thank you and… next!

We just wrapped up two contests: the Co-Op Sandbox and National Pink Day. There were so many spectacular entries and judging is currently underway! But if you missed out on those, you still have time to enter our summer Postcard Contest. We welcome artists and writers alike to showcase their talents with fanart, fanfic, or both! Artix Points await our winners. Summer Postcard Contest sunsets June 30. Full contest details here!

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