Invasion of the Avatar Snatchers

Glisel | Tuesday, July 23, 2019

UFO travel form and pet now available!

UFO sightings are flooding in! The truth is out there. (Mostly in Gaz and Aria's shops.) The time has come to make first contact... we are NOT alone.

Latest Sightings include...

  • UFO Travel Form
  • UFO Pet
  • Alien Juice
See... I told you... Aliens!

Area 51 Secrets

If you read Cysero's Area 51 design notes post last week and were excited about the possibility of alien-themed items coming to AQ3D... You are not alone! We've got something for all those who believe the truth is out there. The post got such an enthusiastic response (and great item suggestions) that Xero worked quickly to put together these two fun spaceship items for the release! This week was the FULL GAME upgrade to the newer version of Unity which includes 64-bit support for Android devices. This means for the past week the team has been "content locked"-- that is, we were unable to add anything new until after the update went live (which it should be now). So Xero and the team got these in just in time.

Take us to your Party Leader

To Infinity...!

The Area 51 Flying Saucer travel form moves at light speed. Actually, it moves at 160% movement speed which is standard travel form speed, but that's still pretty quick. You can buy the permanent travel form from Gaz's Black Market Shop for DragonCrystals. Alternatively, doing the Barrow Drop Challenge will also let you earn Alien Juice, a consumable potion which turns you into a flying saucer. Barrow Drop is in Barrow Point, located down the path directly right of Robina in Greenguard.

You are the Alien

You can also opt to have a flying saucer companion by purchasing the Area 51 pet from Aria's Pet shop. This seems like a perfect idea for those of you who already have green or blue skin -- or your flying saucer travel form can be the mother ship XD.

Alternate Names for this release

I sorta feel like we need to do an entire Area 51 zone. Maybe in September? O_O Here were some of the alternate names for this release.

  • War of the Cross-Platform Worlds
  • Invasion of the Barbarian Snatchers
  • The X-.DOCs
  • MIB: Mages in Black
  • Co-dependance Day
  • 2019: A Space Oddity
  • Battlefield Lore
  • Close Random Encounters of the 3rd Kind
  • ChickencowBoys and Aliens
  • MoglinTrek: The Next Generation
  • The Fifth Elemental
  • Ar-moglin-geddon
  • Guardian Dragons of the Galaxy
  • Killer Klawgs from Outer Space
  • The Last Extended for one more week Starfighter
  • Travelformers: Dark Side of the Moglin
  • Kevin Spacey Invaders (OK, losing focus here...)
  • Feel free to come up with your own in the comment section below :D

"The parody is out there..."

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