Ambush at Treefern Camp!

Glisel | Wednesday, April 26, 2023


Arathor is pretty excited to meet up with the rest of the Knights of the Iron Bulwark. Head to Yulgar’s Inn to go with him to their camp in Treefern.

Meet the Knights of the Iron Bulwark

Your arrival with Arathor seems to be just in time. The knights have been ambushed by bandits! Guardian Gardenia is there too; and she brought a friend. The Iron Bulwark has a fighting chance now that everyone has arrived. Get rid of the bandits so you can finally get to know the rest of the knights.

Note: Guardians will benefit from chatting with Guardian Gardenia at the Treefern Camp.

The Merchants of Death

This doesn’t seem like a random attack. These Merchants of Death took supplies from the camp and have been harassing a Treefern resident. See what you can learn about their hideout and what they are doing here.

Note: There are wooden chests hidden throughout Treefern. Though they are sturdy and difficult to open, inside are great rewards.

What is Grady up to?

Grady Deighton is the leader of the Merchants of Death. He can be identified by his mask and shimmering crystalline sword. Grady seems to be targeting the Iron Bulwark specifically. But why?

Ailssa’s Blacksmithing Crafts

Ailssa Mabbot will craft new weapons for Iron Bulwark members. Even new Recruits. Talk to Arathor to begin building your Iron Bulwark Reputation and Use your Recruit token once you’ve earned it to unlock Ailssa’s shop.

Every Day is Earth Day

Every day is a day to help nurture and restore the earth. We celebrate Earth Day this year on April 22nd as we remind ourselves of the beauty of nature and why it is important to cherish it.

Reed, the young Greenguard Mystic, is in Battleon under a big blue tree by the bridge to guide you back to the Voice of the Forest so you can nurture the sapling you planted last year into a sproutling. Your reward for “Revitalizing the Heartwood” is a luminous Blooming Seed Staff and the “Sproutling” title.

The Voice of the Forest has all of its quests (including the Earth Day Trove) available all year round.

Last Chance

  • Grenwog event content leaves May 3rd, 2023
  • Returning April Fool’s Day event content leaves May 3rd, 2023 (Burger Hero and Pizzamancer are permanent)
  • Legion Summoner leaves Battleon on May 10th, 2023

Thank you and… Next!

Next week starts the month of May. That means a new monthly promo item and the return of Mogrevious and new items in the May the Fourth shops.

See you in game and…
Battle On!


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