June 2023 Special Promotion: Gauntlet of Might

Glisel | Thursday, June 1, 2023

Gauntlet of Might

This enlarged gauntlet empowers the wearer to destroy the mightiest of foes with powerful blows from their fists.

The Gauntlet of Might weapon is included with all packages from the Upgrade Shop, including Guardian and Lore Strider. Guardian packages also give the Flaming Gauntlet of Might. Check your inventory on your next log in after purchase.

Note: All accounts that had made a purchase from the Upgrade Shop prior to this update on June 1st, 2023, were retroactively awarded these items.

What if I'm already a Guardian?

Great! When you buy any package, you will get both versions of the Gauntlet of Might directly added to your inventory.

If you miss the promotional period, Guardians can still get the Flaming Gauntlet of Might. Head to the Guardian Tower to talk to Fortes. He has a shop for "Special Guardian Rewards" where you can buy the Flaming Gauntlet of Might and any other special Guardian items released through these monthly promotions with Guardian Class Tokens. Make sure you have completed the Guardian Initiation to unlock class gear.

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