King of the Makai - New Quest Pet

Glisel | Wednesday, March 1, 2023

King Masher

This is King Masher: King of all Makai. He is a new Farming Quest Pet with exclusive rewards via Nulgath Farming methods, developed by Sir Fainal Oremor. His many quests will take you into The Fiend Lands to collect Essences of Nulgath, Contracts of Nulgath, Tainted Gems, and more. Buy this new quest pet from the Special Pets shop on Gaz in Battleon (or the Chest icon on the screen) and click on King Masher to pop up his quests and get started.

Note: The Nulgath Saga region has been renamed The Fiend Lands in the Travel and Adventure Menus.

Contract of Nulgath: The Lucky Deal

This particular quest is a new design. It is not meant to be farmed, like the others, since the drop rate is extremely low, even compared to the other Contracts of Nulgath farming method. This quest is meant to be carried with you while you farm the other Nulgath Farming quests.

Every monster, mini-boss, and boss of the Wasteland; and every monster, mini-boss, and main Fiend Boss in the Catacombs (with the exception of the lesser insects in catacomb 2) have a very rare chance of dropping an Unidentified 13.

Seleden Forest monsters are excluded from this quest. Only Wasteland and Catacombs monsters will count for the Quest Item drop, so it is best to have completed Part 2 of the Nulgath Saga before accepting these quests.

Note: Contract of Nulgath max stack has been increased from 1 to 2. And this quest is also available in Bamboozle's farming quests as well as being retroactively added to the Crag Quest Pet.

The King Masher’s Quest Reward Preview Shop

This shop is to preview reward items only. Ignore the Impossible Preview Tokens of Nulgath cost.

  • Complete the To Serve a King quest to get:
    King Masher Clinger (back - shown in image)
  • Complete the King Makai Core Essence quest to get:
    King Masher Travel Form

One Week Only: Bonus Nulgath Contract Rewards

All methods of obtaining Contracts of Nulgath have been doubled for 1 week - including the quest pet rewards. This bonus ends with next week’s release.


Bug Notice

We're aware that some players have been unable to talk to some NPCs to turn in / complete their quests. This bug is currently being investigated. Thank you for your bug reports.

March Promo Item

This battleaxe's three merciless skulls hunger for the souls of the fallen.

Buy any upgrade package or DragonCrystal pack from the Upgrade Shop during March 2023 to get the Merciless Battleaxe of the Legion!

2022 Gift’thulu Giving Leaderboard

The top 10 Gift’thulu givers have been immortalized on the Leaderboards page and were rewarded with a Greatest Gifter badge and title.


Last Chance

Lunar New Year content has left until next year.

  • Double Nulgath Contract Rewards ends March 8th, 2023
  • Heroes Heart Day content leaves March 15th, 2023

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Following that is this year's Dage Collection. 

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