Knights to Remember

Rellik | Tuesday, January 11, 2022

New Daily Chest and PvP Rewards!

Greetings! We’re almost halfway through January and getting closer and closer to some very big releases… This week we have some new cosmetic sets available from the Daily Chests and the Battle Arena Awards shop that are best described as “Noble”, “Gallant” and “only for the most Intrepid Cavaliers”. Log in to AQ3D now and check them out!

New Daily Chest Rewards

We’re sure it’ll be a “knight” to remember when you unlock the Noble Squire and Intrepid Cavalier sets from your treasure chests!

Noble Squire

  • Noble Squire Armor
  • Noble Squire Belt
  • Noble Squire Boots
  • Noble Squire Gloves
  • Noble Squire Scarf
  • Noble Squire Helm
  • Noble Squire Shoulders
  • Noble Squire Sword and Shield
  • Noble Squire Sword

Intrepid Cavalier

  • Intrepid Cavalier Armor
  • Intrepid Cavalier Sword
  • Intrepid Cavalier Belt
  • Intrepid Cavalier Boots
  • Intrepid Cavalier Gloves
  • Intrepid Cavalier Cape
  • Intrepid Cavalier Helm
  • Intrepid Cavalier Shoulders

New PvP Rewards

Continuing with the knightly theme in this week's release, we also have a Gallant new reward for you to unlock in PvP! Check out the Gallant Knight set in the Battle Hall “Battle Arena Awards” shop now.

  • Gallant Knight Full Helm
  • Gallant Knight Long Sword
  • Gallant Knight Cuirass (armor)
  • Gallant Knight Pauldrons
  • Gallant Knight Cape
  • Gallant Knight Gauntlets
  • Gallant Knight Belt
  • Gallant Knight Greaves

Coming Soon to AQ3D

In next week’s release, we will be updating to a new game version. Along with bug fixes, the game update will come with new organization of the emotes list plus new emotes; as well as an XP Boost for all content, including Class XP. We hope these changes will have you jumping for joy as we continue to work on the bigger releases coming around the corner.

See you in-game.

Battle on!
Artix, Glisel, Rellik, and the AQ3D Team

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