Last weekend for Alpha Testing!

Artix Krieger | Friday, January 8, 2016

"The end is neigh!" + Party!

AdventureQuest 3D testers... party like it is the last weekend of Alpha Testing. Because... it is! This is the exciting end of the game's infancy... and the first steps towards the next exciting phase of game development! Your Alpha Knight gear will be waiting for you when the servers come back up later that week for the official start of PRE-BETA!

Alpha testing will officially conclude early in the morning on the Tuesday, January 12th, 2016.

3 cheers for our Alpha Testers!

"Hip hip... hooray!"
"Hit hit... hooray!"
"Crit crit... *MONSTERSPLOSION!*

Thanks to you and all of the Alpha testers we created a lot of features and fixed A LOT MORE bugs! In the Alpha we added classes, Greenguard forest, Doomwood, redesigned BattleOn #2, interiors including Warlic's Magic shop, Class Training Hall and Cysero's forge. We have added lots of monsters including our first boss monsters, the Undead Terror. We finally created a logo. We added the band, the slime pit, and most importantly... our first quests! We added a ton of new animations. Also new weapons, hair styles and some awesome armor sets. We created the website, account management, and our first round of character pages-- new ones coming next week! We redid ALL of the maps upgrading to Unity 5 with the new lighting system. Just yesterday we got light probes working and shadows for the PC/Steam version.

Memorable moments

  • The giant Melodia panty incident of 2015
  • The Kraken bug... may the white arm things rest in peace.
  • The Artix pink hair fiasco
  • The Undead Terror getting stuck... over and over and over and over
  • Shoulder pads that all faces the same direction...
  • Incorrectly placed helms
  • Refilling our HP by changing our gear during combat (ah, the good ol' days)
  • Running around the rafters in Yulgars
  • The 360 Degree VR movie on Youtube
  • Getting dev-only IPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet, PC and Steam staff testers all playing together in the same room for the first time... taking a photo of it and not thinking to make a video.
  • Falling through the world...
  • Our first ever team live Strema on Twitch!
  • Getting our first game STEAM Greenlit!
  • AE's first ever Kickstarter!


"Because it is a lot easier to say than 'extended Phase II Alpha-like redux''"

In the next exciting phase of AdventureQuest 3D we will be aggressively pushing for the new interface, improved combat mechanics, dungeons and story. We will begin the epic migration to PC/Mac/Steam/Android/iOS one device at a time. We will add the strength of ~5,000 AdventureQuest 3D Kickstarter backers joining us in game. New features like weapon fusion will start becoming available for testing. The next phase of our journey begins next week.

Yes, we said many times before, there will be a character reset back to level 1. Your gear and gold may be gone, but you get to keep your names!

But until then....

Battle on!

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