Last Chance to Experience the Korn Event

Glisel | Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Last Chance to Experience the Korn Battle Concert

The pit has been glorious!

Our Korn special event is the ultimate form of what we started back on 2008 when we held the first ever live musical video game event with Voltaire.


This event was an incredible win for our entire online community and has been heralded as a success by game sites, music sites, and is frankly the biggest thing we've done yet. (We are sure that this was a win because we already see other games copying our formula, and we appreciate our names being dropped in the articles being written about them.)

Korn Happening now

A First Only Happens Once. Don't Miss Out.

If you have not already experienced the event and gotten the badge, make sure you do so immediately. This event is going perma-rare on Friday. This means the battle concert, the badge, and the ability to acquire any of the branded items will never be available again.

Korn Items

When the event ends on Friday, the Battleon Arena will be temporarily closed as the construction Sneevils go hard at work for what's coming next. If you've already played this event, then you get to say you were there. You were a part of it.

Coming Friday!

Friday is talk Like a Pirate Day! Also, stay tuned for the next big announcement.

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