Lava Run Dungeons!

Cysero | Friday, February 23, 2018

The Magmarran Empire

Long ago, before even the dwarves came to Ashfall, a race of humanoids lived INSIDE the lava of the volcano. Not much is known about the Magmarran Empire or its people but an intrepid DragonSlayer's research points to the Lava Run Dungeons as a possible source for Magmarran relics! 


DragonSlayer Ifu

DragonSlayer Ifu of the Sky tabard has long been studying the strangeness of Ashfall. Her job is to find out all that she can about an area plagued by dragons in hopes of giving the DragonSlayers an advantage in the fight. While investigating the fate of the dwarves that once lived in the area she stumbled upon hints that the ancient Magmarran Empire once had an outpost here, in these very lava flows. 

AQ3D_DragonSlayer Ifu

Lava Run! 

The new dungeons are both known as Lava Run. You'll be rafting down  lava flows inside Mount Ashfall. You can find the entrance to the new dungeons just to the left of the doors to Mount Ashfall. 

The dungeons are similar but each has their own unique goal. 

  • 3 Player Lava Run - This version of the dungeon is the easier of the two. Simply survive waves of dravir, lava globs and lava hydras while dodging falling stalactites. If you played in the first attack on Battleon on, you will recognize the rewards from this version. 

  • 5 Player Lava Run - In the harder version of the dungeon, there's something on the raft with you! It's the crystal heart of the lava hydra protected by a shell of basalt. The shell will open from time to time and let you attack the heart. Destroy it or the lava hydra's heads will keep growing back forever! Oh, and you still have to dodge falling stalactites. This dungeon's rewards are all the new Magmarran armor set items. 


Dragons of Ashfall Poster

The Dragons of Ashfall Saga Poster is now available for pre-sale in! 

AQ3D Ashfall Poster

This beautiful work of art was painted by Dage to celebrate the completion of the Dragons Of Ashfall Saga, which introduced the game most intense and engaging questline, memorable characters and new game mechanics for both dungeons and boss fights!  

This evocative poster captures the DragonSlayers in their desperate battle against the dragon army of Talyn and also comes with an in-game weapon, the Obsidian Dragon Blade. 

AQ3D Obsidian Dragon Blade

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Good luck, DragonSlayers!


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