Legacy of Nulgath Fixes and Improvements

oishii | Friday, January 12, 2024

Patch Notes of the Abyss

From the desk of Sir Fainal: the following will detail the changes included in this week's hotfix patch of Jan 12! Hope you have your reading glasses on!


    ⦁ Fixed an issue that was preventing players from accessing Juggernaut Items after turning in 1 Juggernaut reward

    ⦁ Fixed the Quest Bag of Dirt: ArchFiend Essence to correctly point towards Nulgath Challenge

    ⦁ Fixed an issue that prevented players from accessing the new Quest “Voucher of Nulgath: Voucher Exchange” from Bamboozle NPC and Quest Pet

    ⦁ Fixed an issue preventing players from accessing Nulgath Larvae’s Evil Elemental Quest

    ⦁ Fix: Nulgath: Evil Elemental Quest - updated to give the same number of rewards as Nulgath Larvae: Evil Elemental Quest

    ⦁ Corrected some Quests which asked for Unidentified 13 (lore-inaccurate) to now require the proper (lore-accurate) items instead (IMMERSION!)

    ⦁ Updated “Taro’s Manslayer Auraless” to the intended “Taro’s Manslayer"

    ⦁ Quest Totem of Nulgath: Essences Transmutation - description details as well as gold and XP rewards have been updated

    ⦁ Fixed: Combat Style: Dual Taro’s Manslayer - now requires Taro’s Manslayer Weapon

    ⦁ Fixed: Combat Style: Taro and Bloodletters Quest - now requires Taro’s Manslayer Weapon

    ⦁ Fixed: Combat Style: Hanzo Void Katana & Taro - now requires Taro’s Manslayer Weapon

    ⦁ Combat Style Quests that took items unintentionally have been fixed:

              ⦁ Taro’s Quest of Purity - players who had Ame-no-ohabari, Samurai Legendary Katana & Blademaster Hanzo Void Katana taken by the Quest have automatically had these items returned to their Inventory
              ⦁ Blademademaster Hanzo Void Katana Quest - players who had pieces of their Hanzo Void Set as well as their Hanzo Quest Pet taken by the Quest have automatically had these items returned to their inventory. Players affected by this issue have also been given Voucher of Nulgath x10 as compensation
              ⦁ Combat Style Hanzo Sword and Shield Quest - players who had their Hanzo armaments taken by the Quest have automatically had their weapons returned to their Inventory

    ⦁ Adjusted Phoenix Blade of Nulgath sell-back value

    ⦁ Items in Nulgath’s Reward Preview Shop now display their intended stats and levels

    ⦁ Legacy of Nulgath items have been updated to Level 44 and their max Infusion level set to 40

    ⦁ Fixetd sevrale tpyos

    ⦁ Descriptions have been added to Taro’s items

    ⦁ Additional descriptions have been added to weapons, items and pets that were missing them

    ⦁ The different Servants of Nulgath have had their descriptions updated to reflect what they can offer the player with their services, in an attempt to avoid confusion and guide the player on which servant to hire for their needs.



    ⦁ Evil Elemental Quest - now requires 35 Evil Energy

    ⦁ Evil Elemental Nulgath & Larvae Quests - 10x Bag of Dirt has been added as a possible reward

    ⦁ The following adjustments have been made to several Servants of Nulgath to bring them more in line with their intended function to aid the Player:

              ⦁ Infernal Fiend’s Servant of Nulgath: Infernal Diamond shard drop-rate has been slightly reduced
              ⦁ Malakai’s Servant of Nulgath: Malakai the Contract Enforcer - reward has been reduced from 2x Tattered Contracts of Nulgath to 1x. Drop-rate remains unchanged
              ⦁ Malakai’s Servant of Nulgath: Malakai’s Soul Gem Extraction reward has been reduced from x50 Soul Gems to x20. Drop-rate has been slightly reduced
              ⦁ Hanzo Servant Quests unchanged
              ⦁ Mini Void Fiend’s Servant of Nulgath: Void Nation Shards - reward has been reduced from 15x to 5x. Drop-rate remains unchanged
              ⦁ Dread Fiend & Infernal Fiend’s Servant of Nulgath: Essences Quest unchanged
              ⦁ Larvae’s Servant of Nulgath Larvae: Nulgath is Kind - drop-rate has been slightly reduced
              ⦁ Larvae’s Servant of Nulgath "Gift" - reduced reward from 25x Diamond Shards to 10x (stackable with Infernal Fiend Servant)
              ⦁ Servant of Nulgath: Voucher Theft - drop-rate has been slightly reduced
              ⦁ Oblivion’s Servant of Nulgath: Totem of Nulgath - drop-rate has been significantly reduced

    ⦁ An issue with the Nulgath Challenge scaling down when the instance is not full has been fixed.

    ⦁ Larvae’s Gem of Nulgath: Nulgath's "Gift" - drop rate has been slightly reduced

    ⦁ Soul Gem Quests: All Soul Gem farming Quests have had their rewards increased from 5x to 15x per turn-in:

              - Soul Gems: Box Reagent
              - Soul Gems: Bone Dust Reagent
              - Soul Gems: Arcane Rune
              - Soul Gems: Defeated Makai

    ⦁ Oblivion’s Totem of Nulgath: Essences Transmutation - Contract of Nulgath added to its requirements for trade

    ⦁ Diamond of Nulgath: Archfiend Essence - XP reward reduced and its gold reward increased

    ⦁ Nation Invasion Wave has had their HP considerably reduced. This may be reduced further depending on feedback



    ⦁ Added Combat Style: Dual Tainted Claymore of Nulgath Quest to Oblivion, Blade of Nulgath

    ⦁ Oblivion, Blade of Nulgath Pet has had its iconic AQW Orb aura added to its model; enjoy, Classic Nulgath fans!

    ⦁ Nulgath Master (Juggernaut) and Nulgath Master & OverFiend Blade (Juggernaut) now have new, more rewarding Servant Quests. This is meant to reward those who have obtained the Juggernaut Items with a more loyal Servant that has the following Quests to offer:

              - Nulgath is Kind: Diamond of Nugath
              - Nulgath is Kind: Diamond Shards
              - Both Quests have significantly increased drop-rates compared to other Nulgath Servant Pets

  • Some other hints and reminders:

    ⦁ Voucher of Nulgath: Voucher Exchange is now available on Bamboozle and Crag Quest Pet

    ⦁ Contract of Nulgath: Voucher Purchase is now available on Bamboozle NPC and Crag Quest Pet

    ⦁ Nulgath Larvae: Evil Elemental - now also available from Oblivion, Blade of Nulgath

    ⦁ To compensate for the above change, Nulgath Larvae owners now have an exclusive Nulgath Larvae: Elemental Quest that grants 2 turns ins per drop, instead of 1

    ⦁ Only one Evil Elemental Quest may now be accepted at one time

    ⦁ Evil Elemental: Out of Luck? Quest has been added to accompany the Evil Elemental Quests.

    ⦁ More Diamonds! Face Nulgath's Challenge once again to obtain even more Diamonds of Nulgath with these new Quests:

              ⦁ Diamond of Nulgath: ArchFiend Essence - available from Crag and Crag Quest Pet
              ⦁ Bag of Dirt: Archfiend Deal - available from Crag and Crag Quest Pet

    ⦁ Phoenix Blade Return Policy: Contract of Fainal Quest - this new Quest has been added to Sir Fainal NPC and to Tainted/Crystal Phoenix Blade of Nulgath. This Quest allows the player to reacquire the Phoenix Blade of Nulgath, as long as they had the item previously


As a fainal reminder, if you've managed to get this far: balance changes are subject to change and may be tuned depending on feedback. Feel free to join the discussion in the AE Official Discord Server Forum Thread about this update here: <Legacy of Nulgath Discussion Thread>

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