Let's Talk About Stats, BAYBEE!

Cysero | Monday, June 19, 2017
AQ3D Beta Berserker


With the release of the new stat system, most players got stronger. This is true. But you might have heard that some people didn't and I wanted to explain why. 


The old stat system was our first stat system in the game and (because this is still a beta) really just a first draft at stats. Due to the way that new items had to be created on the old stat curve and system, a dangerous amount of power creep started working its way into AQ3D near the current level cap. 

A level 17 who had even a few top tier items actually had the power of around a level 35 character and people who had min-maxed their gear were able to solo entire dungeons and bosses scaled for FIVE normal, correctly scaled players. Obviously, this was broken and couldn't continue forever. 

After the new stat system was released, MOST players (the vast majority of players haven't hit the level cap yet) felt noticeably stronger. However, an unfortunate side effect is that many of the top level characters found themselves with a direct, non-stop ticket from OP-Town back to the land of the fully functional. 


We're still not done with AQ3D. Anything can change at any time. New systems, tweaks, reworks, new bugs and new bug fixes are happening constantly. It's one of the dangers of playing a game AS it is being developed beneath your feet. 

We know that not being grossly over-powered anymore kinda blows but with the level cap raising to 18 with the release of Ashfall Part III and a lot of new stat gear coming to the game we know that those hard-cores who love a challenge will find their groove. 

We also know that you delightful cherubs will find some new way to game the system that we will have to fix. It's part of the game! 


A tweak that is going live soon will greatly enhance the effects of the Player/Monster Level Disparity. After the new stat system went live, there was not much difference fighting a monster at your level versus monsters way above or below your level.

That's changing. Once this change goes live you will find that monsters 3 and 4 levels below you will offer almost no challenge. You'll hit harder, dodge more, take less damage and crit more often on mobs lower than you. This should make the Doomwood Bridge feel a lot more like it used to, to you people at the level cap. 

The inverse will also be true so pay attention to the level of the monsters you're fighting as you're leveling up! 


Now that the new stat system has been released, this allows us to progress on to the rework of the CLASS SYSTEM. We are totally reworking how classes will play in AQ3D, and a lot is going to change... but once it does we will finally be able to begin releasing NEW CLASSES! 


Many moons ago, Dage The Evil painted a concept for the AQ3D Beta Berserker Armor, experimenting with how AQW classics and fan favorites might translate into AQ3D. 

Most people didn't know that it was only a concept. Since then, people have been howling for us to release this armor into AQ3D so... by popular demand... we will be adding the Beta Berserker cosmetic set to AQ3D.

You will go to the Travel Crystal in Battleon and travel to a Random Dungeon. Each dungeon will be small, solo-able, straight forward with no plot or dialogue and they will require no keys. Each Random Dungeon boss will drop crafting materials for the Beta Berserker cosmetics and other craftables.

You will be able to bring those to my forge and craft your own Beta Berserker armor and weapon cosmetics. We plan on adding more dungeons and more craftables which will become permanent parts of the game but the BETA BERSERKER ITEMS WILL BE GOING RARE. You will only be able to earn the Beta Berserker gear until AQ3D goes live on Friday, October 13th. Anyone who isn't taking part in the AQ3D Open Beta will miss out. 

PLEASE NOTE: These are cosmetics ONLY. They won't have stats and this is NOT a class. Also note that this has nothing to do with the Open Beta reward in Sanctuary that players will receive upon the game's official launch. 

We are still working hard on Ashfall Part III, but we expect the Random Dungeons and Beta Berserker items to arrive in game early next week. 

Stay tuned for sneak peeks, previews and other goodies. 


COMMENTS: What other sets from our other games you like to see in the Random Dungeon craft shop? 

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