Your Leveling Experience... Levels Up!

Glisel | Monday, January 27, 2020

Your level up experience is getting a makeover

Your level up experience just got a makeover (along with a bunch of other game improvements.) You now get a reward chest for every level you earn over 3... and we just gave you all the ones you may have missed!

The Experience

Whenever you earn a new level, you will feel the sense of achievement it deserves.
Here are some of the new features you will see in your new level up experience.

  • New visuals: "Level Up!" text, new animation, and level up sound
  • Your new level displayed above your head for everyone to see.

- A dragon head will appear on the right side of the screen. Click there for...

  • Preview of your new stats
  • Reward: free soldier treasure chest

Level Up Treasure Chests!

Earn your first treasure chest at level 4. This is the first level you gain after completing the tutorial, so thanks for sticking with us passed the intro XD

If you have already passed level 4 by the time of this release (which most of you have) you will get all of the treasure chests you would have earned from level 4 to your current level at once! You will still redeem your chests in Treasure Chest tab in menu. 

Leveling up only gives you Soldier chests, so keep collecting your daily chests for the warlord and emperor chests.

What About My Backpack Inventory Space??

We know that our higher level players are worried about their inventory space.  Good news! The items from your treasure chests are able to temporarily exceed the maximum backpack inventory space limit. Then you can store your new items in your bank vault or exchange/delete them for Treasure Shards. You may even gain enough DCs to buy a new bank vault!


Good luck and have fun as you level up!

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