Master of the Tower of Necromancy

Artix Krieger | Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Concept art sneaky peek!

At the center of the Isle of the Dead... you will find the Tower of Necromancy. Rumor has it, that an unkillable Lich is the Tower's Master. How certain is this information? Not very. No hero nor necromancer that attempted to slay it has ever returned sane... or completely alive.

Here is what our Loremasters "think" the Lich might look like...

Lich concept art fort he Tower of Necromancy

...which do you think the Lich would look most like?

Lich Concept Art

Painted by Dage, here are three options for the Tower of Necromancy's Lich. Curious to know which variant you like best. (Personally, I think C has the strongest silhouette, but our minds are not made up yet.)

The Tower of Necromancy

Whether you are a heroic Paladin infiltrating the tower, or a dark spellcaster looking to obtain its forbidden secrets... soon you will enter the Tower of Necromancy. Previously, in the first part of the Isle of the Dead, you constructed your "key" to the Tower. Key? Cursed weapon trying to take control of your body and possess you? Meh. Whatever. But it will be your only ally as  you enter the tower and attempt to survive the trails required to unlock the final room at the top.

If you enjoyed the quirky characters on the Isle of the Dead, then you will likely enjoy what you find in the tower too.

It has been quite a while since we started on this. When you discover what the tower really is, it will make more sense why it is releasing in the order that it is. Earlier this morning I did a plot rewrite/review with Memet (from AQWorlds) and Cysero. With all of the feedback of wanting more of a specific type of game play, and my recent meeting with Goldraven and some other people from our community-- we rewrote it to be more gameplay focused. It will be a solid adventure with worthwhile "end game" content once you've reached the Lich.

"These dark delights have dark ends"

Of course, this release is also going to have us talking about the Paladins soon. They are currently defending a temple that is just a short boat ride across the lake on the other side of Doomwood.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback on the Lich!


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