LIttle Dread

Artix Krieger | Monday, December 11, 2017

"Why Grand Master, what big teeth you have!"

Meet Little Dread. She's a werewolf hunter who speaks softly... and carries a HUGE, DEADLY, SILVER-CLAW-BLADE-THING! She lives in Darkovia Forest which also means she must be crazy... or really, really, really, skilled.

Little Dread Dreams of hunting Werewolves

Who are the Dread Riding Hoods?

Nomadic by nature, the Dread Hoods are traveling werewolf hunters. They are keen to detect all forms of lycanthropy from weredragons down to weredrickens. Dread Hoods are pretty skeptical as far as supernatural hunters go. While they use the term "curse of the werewolf" they know it is a type of viral infection. But what do you expect in a world where wizards outnumber epidemiologists 999 to 1? The Dread Hoods may not carry the fame nor clout of the ShadowSlayers, but know that they exist and their extremely honed skills for detecting and exterminating lycanthropes makes them worthy allies-- or, should you one day succumb to the curse and become a werewolf, a most deadly threat.

Coming in Darkovia Part II

Darkovia Forest is a very story-heavy new area which features plenty of quests, challenges, new items, and all new boss monsters. This new release is coming **** *****! Erm, I have been forbidden from giving hard deadlines... BUT since everyone here is done being sick from the "Great Lab Plague of Winter 2017", it is time to get this show started! Raise your arms and send us some of "DBZ Style" spirit energy. Battle on!


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