Live Release Pushback

Artix Krieger | Tuesday, October 10, 2017

"LIVE" pushed back while "UNDEAD" releases take over

We are pushing back the live release until all features are 100% finished

I have been reading posts on Twitter and Facebook that indicate not everyone caught the news, so this was worth re-posting.

We are making tremendous progress with AdventureQuest 3D-- especially obvious with the every improving quality of the several last releases. It was our intention to flip the "LIVE" switch on Friday the 13th-- which would have been the PERFECT 15th Anniversary event. We are sooooooo close, but we we do not want to go live without our missing features including PvP, Pets, All promised classes & several of the other high priority ones, perfectly working friend (and goto friend) system, side-kicking, and Daily Boss Fights/Rewards. We will get there, but it is with deep regret that I announce that the official release is being pushed back until "It is Ready-O'Clock."


This entire month we are celebrating the 15 Year Anniversary of our online community and video games and if we cannot go live, then we will "GO UNDEAD!" We are launching a collection of new dark and haunted features and content releases including Friday the 13th (Camp Gonnagetcha), Mogloween, our New Base Classes, and the Darkovia Saga (Vampires vs Werewolf). The Dragon's of Ashfall Part 3 is being held hostage for release in November, because the DragonSlayer's volcanic boss fight is the ONLY thing that will top the Vampire vs Werewolf saga (and we might just be able to get Dragonslayer class out in time for the Boss Fight :D)

BONUS: What "Going Live" really means

You may be asking yourself, "What is difference between the game now and being LIVE? I mean, you are constantly updating the game, adding features, and new content-- so what is so important about being live?" Good question! If you have played the previous two AdventureQuest games (both of them STILL updated every week... we probably hit some sort of world record this coming Friday), then you may never have noticed the difference. This is because we constantly update the games. In AdventureQuest 3D's case... it will be the moment on Steam that we leave "Early Access". This will introduce the game to a lot of new players who have not heard of it (or us) yet, and it is worth taking the time to make sure we make a good first impression. We will also start marketing the game-- sorta crazy to think over a million accounts have been created, even though we never put up a single ad-- yet. Because you participated in Open Beta, you will get a badge and items like the Beta Berserker and other beta-only items will go perma rare. From our perspective, we are (and have been) running the game as if it is already live. There will be no character wipes, you keep everything you have gotten. So we (you and I) should define going live as "we accomplished everything we initially promised and more" and then, we will continue building and growing AdventureQuest 3D's world-- and we should get it on consoles too. Battle on!

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