Loading Screen Tips

Artix Krieger | Friday, January 17, 2020


We are making up a bunch of new loading screen tips... want in on the fun? XD

Just post your ideas in the comment selection below (Or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram). Be sure to include your character name so we can credit you if we use your original quote.

The rules are simple

  • Funny
    It should make players laugh, snort, shoot milk out of their nose, or just stop and say "What the...."
  • Clean
    Has to be "clean enough" that our younger player's parents do not send us angry letters
  • Good Spirited
    No bullying, harassing, vulgar or inappropriate subject matter. But self deprecating is 100% groovy.
  • Like & laugh at the ones you love
    Upvotes really are social proof XD

Here are a few to get the party started....

  • Reading the loading screen tips is a good way to read them
  • Every week the game gets better and the jokes get even worse
  • Drink more water
  • It is possible to have and max out every class, without having any class
  • Players on mobile tuype sl2wer and make mire mastakes than those on computers.
  • Our devs are committed to waiting until you fall in love with a class before nerfing it
  • Ready to play your favorite game? NO! WAIT! Stay here instead.
  • You are the best player of this game, who logged in from that device just now
  • Insert something witty here - Artix




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