Lucky Day 2022

Rellik | Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Lucky Day Collection Chest 2022

Are you ready to get lucky? The 2022 Lucky Day Collection is a pot filled to the very brim with the luckiest charms you can get! And now for the best part, the individual items can be crafted with Clover Leafs! Get Clover Leafs by finishing the Luck O' the Green-ish quest, and prove that you like these odds.

  • Collector's Chest w/ "Clover Stroller" title and badge
  • Clover Crusader Armor set
  • Lucky Clover Crusader Sword
  • Gold-Trimmed Clover Suit
  • Cold-Trimmed Clover Hat
  • Gold-Trimmed Gloves
  • Lucky Dress Boots
  • Clover Stiletto
  • Clover Stiletto and Sheath
  • Clover Cane
  • Spirit of Luck Pet
  • Luckiest Head Piece (Only available with Clover Leafs)

Quest for Clover Leafs

Track down the Clover Crusader around Lore and collect the Clover Leafs they swindled Mart O'Donnell out of! You’ll need all the skill (and luck) to find the dastardly Clover Crusader. It’s highly recommended to ask if the Clover Crusader “feels lucky, punk?”.

Pots without gold?!

You read that right! Sneevils somehow found the Leprechaun's stash of gold, and decided the pots (minus the gold) would be great additions to their hoard of precious boxes! Talk to Mart O’Donnell to help the Leprechauns get their gold storage pots back by slaying Sneevils in the Social District.

Lucky Lad

Lucky Lad is back in the Battleon Social District! He’s got a whole new collection (and the old ones). You can earn extra Clover Leafs from him if you feel like you have the Luck o’ the Green-ish!

The Glitch (Moistverse)

T̸̼̀̈͋̕͝h̵̛͇͚̱͋͒͊̃͝e̴̱͍̜̖̊̽̀̄́̚ ̵̧̛͕̘̜̈́G̵̯̐͆͛͊͊l̶̖̓̕͝i̷̢̦̩͈͆t̴̘̟̼̯̓c̸̡͍͆̍̂͛̿̈́͜h̶̺̲̦̣́͆̄̚͝ͅ ̷͇̻̊̈́i̴͎̝̝͚̊̈́̂̃̓͜s̶̼̻̭̘̺̘̈̆͊͘ ̸̘̀̄̊̔h̶̨͍̟̬̖̫̕è̴̮̘͛͠r̸̯̻̆̆̿͝ë̶̻́̿̓̋͜!̴̢̳̃̃

*AHEM* Sorry about that, we were trying to say The Glitch is finally ready to be shared with the world! Check your Moistverse Trove now and show off your shiny new perma rare glitchy ring!

Seasons Cleanings!

In case you missed it, we’re cleaning up seasonal content that’s ever so slightly overstayed their welcome! Find out more here.

Legion PvP needs bug spray

We’re hard at work on the Legion PvP map. We uncovered a game breaking bug in our most recent tests, so we’re going to need extra time to make those fixes. However, we will be releasing the bug-free map on PTR for player testing as soon as possible to be sure it is worthy of Dage’s Legion. Keep an eye on our social media for the PTR release.

Content Creator Highlight

To show our appreciation for all the amazing content creators, we’re highlighting a new video every week! This week, we’d like to show our appreciation for Korokko! Korokko makes extremely informative video guides to AQ3D’s content, optimized builds, and we highly recommend checking out the videos! Head over to YouTube and check out Korokko AQ3D now!


Coming soon to AQ3D

Dage the Evil brings you back to the on-going fight between the Legion and Lion Fang’s Paladin order with a very exciting update.

See you in-game.

Battle (march) on!
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